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Meet our team of content authors and contributors.

  • Tim Callan ‌

    Chief Compliance Officer at Sectigo

    As Chief Experience Officer, Tim Callan leads efforts to optimize the customer journey across all aspects of the business. Tim has more than 20 years of experience as a strategic marketing and product leader for successful B2B software and SaaS companies, with 15 years of experience in the SSL and PKI technology spaces.

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  • Nick France ‌

    CTO of SSL at Sectigo

    As CTO of SSL, Nick France is responsible for the technology and practices necessary to operate Sectigo’s global Certificate Authority (CA) and related services. Nick previously served for more than 15 years as Sectigo’s Technical Security Officer. He is based in Sectigo’s UK office.

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  • Henry Lam ‌

    Manager of Sales Engineering at Sectigo

    Manager of Sales Engineering at Sectigo

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  • Alex Pena ‌

    Product Marketing Director at Sectigo

    The diversity of his experience across various categories and disciplines has shaped Alex's unique point of view on strategy development and creativity. Being a change agent passionate about technology and its ability to address consumer pain points has truly bolstered his innate ability to align sales and marketing without compromise.

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  • Abul Salek Sectigo

    Abul Salek ‌

    Senior Director of Product Management at Sectigo

    Abul Salek, MSc, PMC, is Senior Dir. of Product Management at Sectigo, a leading provider of automated digital identity management & web security solutions. With 20 years of experience in software engineering & managing cybersecurity products, he leads innovations around PKI, quantum security, & IoT. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Univ. of Alberta.

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  • Jason Soroko ‌

    Fellow at Sectigo

    Jason has 20 years of experience researching, innovating, educating markets, developing intellectual property, and contributing to national-level guidance and consortium standards. He works closely with enterprise companies daily to synthesize managed PKI security solutions that meet real-world operational needs.

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  • Marc Williams ‌

    Director of Product Management at Sectigo

    Director of Product Management at Sectigo

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