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Code Signing for Application Development

Protect your users by delivering software products they can trust

Sign and secure your code across the enterprise with Sectigo code signing certificates.

Prevent tampering and compromised software

Enterprise Code Signing certificates enable developers to digitally sign applications, drivers, and software programs so that end users can verify that a third party has not altered or compromised the code they receive. To verify the code is safe and trusted, these digital certificates include the software developer's signature, the company name, and timestamping (optional).

Benefits of Sectigo Code Signing solutions

Ensure customer confidence

By digitally signing your application or software with a Code Signing certificate, you authenticate the source and assure the user that the integrity of the downloaded code or software is intact and was not tampered with at any time.

Avoid warning messages

Most web browsers will display a warning sign or won't allow the download of the application, software, or code if it does not carry a digital signature from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) like Sectigo.

Protect your brand

Signed applications or software programs help a business protect its brand by providing authentication and ensuring users that the download and use of the signed code is safe.

Benefit from flexibility

Sectigo offers Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificates that can be purchased individually or fully managed within the Sectigo Certificate Manager platform.

Manage Code Signing certificates across the enterprise

Code Signing certificates are an essential part of any corporation's PKI solution. From application and software development to DevOps and devices, there are use cases across the entire enterprise. To make the Code Signing process as simple and convenient as possible, Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) provides automated lifecycle management for all Code Signing certificates. The SCM platform handles certificate automation from issuance to renewal, and every step in between. Sectigo Code Signing supports all file types from drivers and firmware to scripts and applications, including Java, Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe Air, Mozilla Object files, and more.

CA/Browser Forum compliant Code Signing certificates

Sectigo’s Code Signing certificates are compliant with industry standards, and in accordance with the latest CA/Browser Forum rules, which require all certificates to be provisioned on hardware-based tokens or devices.

As of June 1, 2023, all Code Signing certificates are either:

  • Installed on a token and shipped securely to the customer
  • Available as a download to be installed on the customer’s own Hardware Security Module (HSM)

All hardware devices, whether they are tokens or HSMs, must be FIPS-compliant and support externally verifiable key attestation. ​

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