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Embedded Device Security With Identity Management for Internet of Things Devices


Single Platform to Issue & Manage Device Certificates and Apply Device Hardening Technologies

The Sectigo IoT Security & Identity Management Platform is the industry's only solution to combine device identity and integrity technologies with certificate issuance and management. This all-in-one platform simplifies securing and authenticating connected devices, so you can protect your infrastructure in a way that is scalable, cost-effective, and easy to manage. With our solution, your connected devices stay secure via over-the-air firmware updates and stay protected from threats, including malware, ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) botnet attacks, and other cyberattacks. With the possibility of so many security challenges in today’s world, having the proper information security measures in place is critical for any enterprise to reduce the size of their attack surface.

IoT Security & Identity Management Platform

Purpose-Built Certificate Issuance and Management, Combined With Embedded Device Identity and Integrity Technologies


  • Cloud-Based Certificate Issuance: Issue certificates for IoT devices via the cloud during manufacturing or when first installed on a customer network, ensuring authenticity and enabling secure communication.
  • Factory Certificate Issuance: Issue certificates for IoT devices on demand during manufacturing or when first installed on a customer network, ensuring identity and secure communications.
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management: Use our lightweight PKI agent to perform certificate lifecycle management in the field without device downtime.


  • Secure Boot: Verify every device’s bootloader, microkernel, OS and applications are authenticated and ensure that only authenticated unmodified code is allowed to run on the device.
  • Embedded Firewall: Integrated with Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and embedded Linux, the embedded firewall supports configurable rules-based filtering, stateful packet inspection (SPI) and threshold-based filtering, ensuring devices are protected from network-based cyberattacks.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Secure Element Integration: Enables IoT devices to utilize a TPM or Secure Element for key generation, secure key storage and hardware-based device authentication.
  • Embedded Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Client: Automate certificate provisioning and renewal to enable certificate-based authentication and secure communication for IoT devices.
  • Secure Key Storage: Securely store cryptographic keys, passwords and other sensitive information on an IoT device using our software-based secure key storage library, or in the device’s TPM or Secure element using our integration library.
  • Data at Rest Protection: Encrypt sensitive data stored on the IoT device to protect it from malicious actors.

Benefits of IoT Security & Identity Management Platform

Peace of Mind

No one wants to suffer the next botnet catastrophe. PKI is the gold standard in identity security, and incorporating it onto your embedded devices protects against what could otherwise be a major vulnerability. Choosing a partner with the experience and scale of Sectigo can let you rest better at night.

Future-Proofing IoT Business Models

By removing cybersecurity as a barrier, you can fully unlock the data on your devices and maximize their value to your business. Our platform enables you to update certificates over the air, on the fly, giving you the cryptographic agility to guard against the possible upcoming “crypto-apocalypse”.

Ease of Operation

Our technologies are purpose-built for connected devices, and are interoperable across nearly all trust models, devices, operating systems, chipset architectures, and protocols. This removes the pain and complexity of securely building, provisioning, and running embedded devices.

Standards Compliance

New security legislation and standards are being proposed for IoT devices. Sectigo’s IoT Platform delivers end-to-end security services for every connected device, from manufacture and through the lifecycle, enabling OEMs to build secure devices that meet necessary standards.

Multivendor Ecosystem Support

This platform allows enterprises to protect their IoT infrastructure in a way that is scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage. Sectigo operates the PKI infrastructure for critical IoT ecosystems including Sunspec, WiMax Forum, GSMA, and the Open Connectivity Foundation.


We Are Proud to be a Leader in IoT Security Solutions

Sectigo security products, including our IoT Security & Identity Management Platform, have been consistently selected for multiple awards.


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