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One CA Agnostic Platform to Manage the Lifecycle of All Your Public and Private Digital Certificates

Modern PKI for the Modern Enterprise

Discover, issue, renew, and manage all your digital certificates from a single platform

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a universal platform purpose-built to issue and manage the lifecycles of digital certificates to secure every human and machine identity across your enterprise, all from a single interface. With SCM, you can automate the issuance and management of Sectigo certificates, alongside those from other publicly trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), and private CAs, including Microsoft ADCS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and AWS Cloud Services.

The Sectigo Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform

Sectigo Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform

PKI Use Cases

Sectigo Certificate Manager seamlessly deploys and automates lifecycle management of PKI certificates across all the following use cases:

Secure Web Server &
Load Balancers

Automate Certificate Lifecycle Management and Secure Every Server Across Your Environment

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Enterprise Email Security With
Signing & Encryption

Automate Encrypted Emails‎ and Put a Stop to Hackers and Phishing Scams

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Secure Networked &
Mobile Devices

Replace Passwords and Increase Trust With User Identity Certificates

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Digital Identity Management for Zero Trust

Adopt Zero Trust Security and Verify Every Identity With a Single Solution

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Secure DevOps Containers & Code

Simplify Your DevOps Journey With PKI Solutions From Sectigo

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Secure Application Development

Protect Your Users by Delivering Software Products They Can Trust

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Key Management in Public Cloud

Create and Manage Cryptographic Keys to Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

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Why Do the World’s Largest Brands Choose Sectigo?
Crypto Agility
A single pane of glass to manage both public and private certificates issued from Sectigo and other Certificate Authorities.
Certificate Management in the Cloud
Cloud-based efficiency means lower cost of deployment, faster threat discovery, automation, and perimeterless security across cloud and multi-cloud environments.
Vendor Consolidation
An open and easy-to-deploy certificate management solution to avoid platform proliferation and vendor lock-in.
Enterprise Integrations
Integrations with leading technology providers that give customers deployment flexibility and customizations to work within their unique environments.
Ease Of Deployment
Integrated capabilities with most popular platforms to easily install user certificates.
Dedicated Support
Industry-leading customer support with white glove service from onboarding to continued account services.

Customer Testimonials

Real testimonials from our customers.

Sectigo Certificate Manager has become a major part of our IT management infrastructure, allowing us to update, add, and delete thousands of digital certificates with a streamlined dashboard and email alert system.

Craig Hurter
IT Security Manager, University of Colorado at Boulder

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SCM gives us proactive updates regarding any changes in the SSL landscape including security issues and alerts, and ensures no unexpected certificate expiration. All of these features within SCM allow for our organization’s dependence on IT to remain secure.

Andrew Rust
Technical Authority, Aviva

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Sectigo Certificate Manager gives our team a central repository and dashboard to manage and track all the digital certificates across our entire network.

Dustin Lovell
Systems Administrator, America First

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With Sectigo Private PKI, you can connect to the network or the Microsoft agent and the software automatically populates the portal, so that you can manage all of your certificates from a single dashboard.

Bryan Seely
Senior Systems Engineer, IT, Lighthouse Global

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Sectigo Certificate Manager Industry Awards

Certificate Manager has been recognized for its new technologies and innovation…

  • The 2020 Frost and Sullivan Award logo.


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