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Continuous Certificate Lifecycle Management

Unlock the power of CLM with Sectigo Certificate Manager

One CA agnostic platform to manage the lifecycles of all your public and private certificates

Discover, issue, renew, and manage all your digital certificates from a single platform

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a universal platform purpose-built to manage the lifecycles of digital certificates to secure every human and machine identity across your enterprise, all from a single interface. With SCM, you can automate the issuance and management of Sectigo certificates, alongside those from other publicly trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), and private CAs, including Microsoft AD CS, Google Certificate Authority Service, and AWS Private CA.

Certificate lifespans are shrinking, it’s time to automate!

90-day certificates are coming. This means heightened risk of outages, breaches, and increased costs for organizations that are still taking a manual approach to digital certificate management.

Enjoy FREE ACME AUTOMATION for all your public certificates

Reducing certificate lifetime encourages automation and the adoption of practices that will drive the ecosystem away from baroque, time-consuming, and error-prone issuance processes."

Moving Forward, Together

Build a powerful CLM platform with Sectigo

Sectigo Certificate Manager offers a reliable, consistent, automated process for the entire lifecycle of your digital certificates. From discovering and provisioning to revoking and replacing or renewing, and all the subtasks in between, our CA agnostic platform allows you to manage all of these tasks in one place, and integrates with leading technology providers to give you deployment flexibility and customizations to work within your unique environments.

Public CAs
Private CAs
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50+ Integrations

Explore our integrations with tech partners. DevOps, endpoints, standpoints, key vaults and e-mail.

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Digital certificates are everywhere in the modern enterprise

SCM allows you to manage the lifecycle of digital certificates across a growing list of enterprise use cases:

SSL Automation

Certificate management for web servers and load balancers

Automate the lifecycles of all the SSL certificates in your server environment. Manage public certificates across your entire technology stack from a single platform, regardless of certificate origins and lifespans.

Microsoft CA Management

AD CS certificate management

Elevate your AD CS capabilities with Sectigo Certificate Manager. SCM provides complete visibility and lifecycle control over Microsoft certificates alongside your other private and public certificates.

S/MIME Solutions

Email signing and encryption

Automate email security‎ and put a stop to hackers and phishing scams. Secure your corporate email accounts by digitally signing and encrypting communications with Sectigo S/MIME email certificates.

Private PKI

Enterprise private CA

Secure all internal servers, devices, applications, and user access across your network. Automate the management of human and machine identities with Sectigo’s Private CA solution.

DevOps Solutions

Secure DevOps containers and code

Simplify your DevOps journey with PKI solutions from Sectigo. Enforce cryptographic security across your entire DevOps implementation, enable secure container communication, and protect and future-proof your applications.

Code Signing

Code signing for application development

Protect your users by delivering software products they can trust. Sign and secure your code across the enterprise with Sectigo code signing certificates.

Why do the largest brands choose Sectigo?

Crypto agility

Google’s announcement to reduce maximum public TLS certificate validity to 90 days means that certificate automation has become more critical than ever before, and Sectigo offers plenty of options for automation, including the ACME protocol.

Vendor consolidation

SCM is an open, interoperable, and easy-to-deploy CLM platform, allowing our customers to avoid platform proliferation and vendor lock-in.

Single pane of glass

Not all CLM platforms are created equal. SCM works to establish digital trust with a single login, and does not need additional bolt-on solutions to deliver complete visibility across all cryptographic assets.

Certificate management in the Cloud

SCM is a modern, Cloud-based solution. Cloud-based efficiency means lower cost of deployment, faster threat discovery, automation, and perimeterless security across modern cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Dedicated support

Industry-leading customer support with white glove service from onboarding to continued account services.

Enterprise integrations

SCM integrates with leading technology providers to give customers deployment flexibility and customizations to work within their unique environments.

Seamless integrations with

SCM provides better value and more features than comparable solutions

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Publicly-trusted CA with full CLM automation
Cloud-first model
Single pane of glass management for all certificates
Manage public & private certificates from extended list of vendors
Less than two
Less than two
Ability to manage MSCA
Rapid time to value via multi-tenancy
CLM rated leader (G2)

Industry awards

These awards and accolades are a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional certificate management solutions and our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability.

Cutting Edge Security Company of the Year
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Cutting Edge Security Company of the Year
Sectigo wins 2023 Global InfoSec Award as Cutting Edge Security Company of the Year
Leader Fall 2023
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Leader Fall 2023
G2 recognizes Sectigo’s leadership in both the Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software and SSL & TLS Certificates Software categories
Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award
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Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award
Sectigo wins 2022 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for Overall Encryption Solution Provider of the Year

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