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Enterprise Private CA

Secure all internal servers, devices, applications, and user access across your network

Automate the management of human and machine identities with Sectigo’s managed PKI services.

Security that’s easy for employees to use

Today's enterprise IT teams are tasked to connect an increasingly distributed workforce to complex network environments made of cloud applications, connected devices, and traditional web servers. They must secure both human and machine identities, and guarantee seamless and frictionless end user access to the enterprise network. Every connection requires both strong authentication and encryption to ensure the integrity of the network, protect against malicious attacks, and guard against unexpected downtime.

Sectigo's Private PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), also known as Private CA (Certificate Authority), is a complete, managed PKI solution built for issuing and managing privately trusted TLS/SSL certificates in use across today's enterprise environment. These private certificates offer the strongest, simplest, and most cost-effective form of end-to-end authentication.

CA agnostic Certificate Lifecycle Management

Sectigo’s market-leading Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform, Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM), enables the seamless issuance and management of digital certificates originating from third-party private CAs, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Cloud Services and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS). Our Sectigo Connector can be configured for multiple instances of these Private CAs, providing complete flexibility and coverage of an enterprise’s certificate needs.

A growing number of use cases

Enterprises depend on Private CAs for internal certificates to support a growing number of use cases including mobile and IoT devices, DevOps, secure email, and cloud/multi-cloud environments. Sectigo enables scalability and empowers your IT team with a flexible licensing configuration known as seats, for all types of use cases:

User seats

Issue certificates to human subscribers that authenticate access to the network, including VPN and Wi-Fi access.

Device seats

Issue certificates to computing and mobile devices, such as laptops, computers, and smartphones.

Container seats

Issue code signing certificates to a container or software entity in development and DevOps environments.

Server seats

Certificates issued to an organization’s internal physical and virtualized servers, including servers used for intranet websites and load balancers.

In a world of cloud-based users and devices accessing public cloud-based services, the relevance of the legacy enterprise perimeter declines. Identity is the new perimeter.

Source: Gartner, How to Make Cloud More Secure Than Your Own Data Center
Neil MacDonald, Tom Croll, 9 October 2019.

Identity security is more important than ever

To support a Zero Trust security strategy, digital identity management and verification are critical to success. Using PKI certificates and key pairs can strengthen the verification of digital identities and secure the connections between entities beyond the firewalled network architecture. In this age of digital transformation, the Zero Trust model increases the need for a consolidated, automated, and modern approach to PKI management.

Our platform enables Zero-Trust

A key requirement for any Zero Trust model is automation. Sectigo Certificate Manager provides a consolidated approach across the provisioning, discovery, deployment, management, and renewal stages of the lifecycle of certificates.

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