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eIDAS Compliant Solutions

Qualified Certificates for Electronic Signatures, Electronic Seals, Website Authentication and PSD2 Compliance

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eIDAS Certificates

Qualified eIDAS certificates (electronic identification, authentication and trust services) are used in Europe to ensure compliance with the eDIAS regulation. They provide a higher degree of assurance and hold the same legal effect as a handwritten signature. The regulation requires a qualified certificate stored on a qualified signature creation device and must be issued and managed by a QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider).

eIDAS compliance certificates by Sectigo enable individuals and organizations to secure documents with digital signatures or seals, and to apply timestamps.


  • Compatibility with a range of signing solutions including Adobe products
  • Support for document authenticity and non-repudiation for the lifetime of the document
  • Sectigo is an accredited QTSP for eIDAS Certificates
  • SHA-2 Signing and 2048-bit encryption for enhanced security
  • Certificates for qualified signatures and seals are provided on a secure USB token
  • Qualified Certificates issued to individuals can also be used for signing emails
  • eIDAS Seal Certificates issued to legal persons can also be used for code signing

Signatures & Seals

Electronic Seal & Signature Solutions

eIDAS compatible document signing and sealing certificates provide trusted assurance of authentication for electronically transmitted documents by validating author and document.


eIDAS Qualified Website Authentication Certificates

QWACs attest to the fact that behind a website or server there is a natural or legal person identifiable by trustworthy information. The certificates encrypt data using encryption and algorithms and provide extended validation to identify EU organizations or individuals to users.


eIDAS PSD2 Certificates and Seals

PSD2 is a regulatory framework to ensure that payments across the EU are secure, easy, and efficient. PSD2-compliant certificates can only be issued to legal persons that have a PSD2 authorization number as issued by a National Competent Authority (NCA).


Key Information on eIDAS Certificates

These certificates enable individuals and organizations (depending on the type purchased) to electronically sign or seal PDF and other documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation. The certificate verifies the signatory's identity and authenticity of the document. The eIDAS regulation provides a recognized standard and chain of trust. It is primarily used within the European Union.

eIDAS Certificates can be used on a wide range of signing solution platforms. Certs issued by Sectigo are trusted by qualified trust service providers in each member nation. Most common file formats are supported, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office.

There are two main types of eIDAS certificates:

  • The certificate in the name of an individual used for document signatures
  • The certificate in the name of an organization used for document seals
  • Both types come with an unlimited number of signatures

Validation is an important part of the eIDAS certificate issuing process. As such, Sectigo has adopted stringent validation policies and procedures to strengthen the security of certificate operations and validation processes.

Sectigo verifies the following:

  • The identity of the key holder, the subject named in the certificate
  • The identity and address of the entity to confirm its physical existence
  • That the entity has authorized the issuance of the certificate

The validation work is done by Sectigo. You are required to respond to emails, follow instructions and provide the requested documents.

Sectigo aims to promptly complete your order while adhering to strict validation standards. To ensure the integrity of the certificate, Sectigo will not issue a certificate that has not passed validation.

After you have submitted the required documents, Sectigo will validate the information and identity. The validation process may take 1-5 business days. You will be notified when the validation process is complete. Once the certificate is issued, it will be installed on a USB token and mailed to you. The arrival time depends on your location and shipping methods. You will receive tracking information via email.

For more information on how to use the eIDAS certificates, refer to our detailed eIDAS Certificate Instructions.