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    Vendor consolidation

    A Datasheet from Sectigo

    Datasheet Dec 08, 2023

    Businesses are focusing on vendor consolidation. By streamlining vendors, they can achieve efficiency, improved security, reduced complexity, and savings.

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    Root Causes - A PKI & Security Podcast

    EPISODE 346

    Broadcast Date:
    December 8, 2023

    15 minutes

    Podcast Dec 08, 2023

    Root Causes 346: Private Credentials In Public Code

    We uncover the epidemic of private credentials in public-facing code repositories, including why it occurs and what do to about it.

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    Who Am AI? Identity Security in the Age of AI | Live Panel Event

    A News Article from Sectigo

    News Article Dec 07, 2023

    Solutions Review is an information technology company located outside of Boston, MA. Our collection of news sites and video content report on the latest developments in enterprise technology and make it easier for people to understand what options are available when considering a new solution for their business or corporation.

    Covering categories ranging from cyber security and mobility management to enterprise resource planning and business intelligence, the Solutions Review team strives to deliver the best news, opinions, best practices, and industry events coverage together in one convenient place.

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    AI - a threat actor or cybersecurity's ultimate defense?

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Dec 07, 2023

    In 2024, hackers and cybersecurity professionals will harness AI. Will AI emerge as a threat actor or the technology protecting our cybersecurity realm?

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    60 minutes

    Webinar Dec 07, 2023

    The five pillars of certificate lifecycle management

    Join our webinar to learn about the five pillars of certificate lifecycle management, building upon the foundations of visibility.

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    Root Causes - A PKI & Security Podcast

    EPISODE 345

    Broadcast Date:
    December 5, 2023

    13 minutes

    Podcast Dec 05, 2023

    Root Causes 345: Apple Versus European Sideloading

    The European Union is applying pressure to Apple to allow application sideloading. We cover why this is occurring, potential dangers, and Apple's response.

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    Automation set to transform industries in 2024

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Dec 04, 2023

    Certificate automation is poised to mark another significant milestone - transforming and redefining businesses and sectors across all scales.

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    Post-quantum cryptography will enter boardroom discussions

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Nov 30, 2023

    No longer just a buzzword, crypto-agility in light of the quantum threat will become a key focus for the C-suite next year.

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    Root Causes - A PKI & Security Podcast

    EPISODE 344

    Broadcast Date:
    November 29, 2023

    17 minutes

    Podcast Nov 29, 2023

    Root Causes 344: Introducing the PQC Onramp

    NIST continues the search for PQC algorithms, especially those using non-Lattice schemes. We explain the PQC "onramp" and what we should expect.

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    TLS/SSL Handshake Errors & How to Fix Them

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Nov 23, 2023

    Transport Layer Security (TLS), also called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is a security protocol that encrypts data exchanged between two points on the internet (e.g., a web server and a browser). It also authenticates a website's identity.

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    The UK is boosting its AI and quantum research funding

    A News Article from Sectigo

    News Article Nov 23, 2023

    Part of the UK strategy is to deploy an advanced quantum network at by 2035 with benefits for healthcare, telecoms, transport and more. However, for Tim Callan, chief experience officer at Sectigo, Hunt’s 10-year quantum plan falls short when it comes to safeguarding encryption security.

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    Cybersecurity Tips to Help CISOs Prepare for Holiday Time Off

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Nov 22, 2023

    Organizations experience 30% more ransomware attacks during the holiday season, with a 70% average increase in attempted ransomware attacks in November and December compared with January and February. Many factors converge to make defending our infrastructures more challenging, such as increased online transactions and a shortage of IT resources as employees go on vacations.