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Website Security Products

Sectigo Has a Comprehensive Lineup of Digital Certificates and Web Security Products for the Global Business Community

SSL / TLS Certificates

Secure Your Website with Sectigo Digital Certificates

  • Extended Validation SSL

    Increase your end user’s confidence and transaction rates by showing your true identity online. An Extended Validation (EV) SSL will enable your company name to be added to the browser interface in a branded address bar.

  • Organization Validation SSL

    Validate your organization’s digital identity and secure sensitive customer data. Organizational Validation (OV) certificates will authenticate your organization’s connections, enable encryption, and turn on web browser trust indicators.

  • Domain Validation SSL

    The fastest and easiest SSL certificates for enabling encryption and removing security warnings for your site. Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates are the reliable way to add industry-standard encryption to web sites.

  • Wildcard SSL

    Secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains under a single certificate. Wildcard certificates are the most convenient way to provide SSL protection and encryption for a domain and its subdomains.

  • Multi-Domain SSL

    Secure up to 100 domain names with a single certificate. Multi-domain SSL Certificates (sometimes referred to as SAN/UCC certificates) enable a single certificate to secure multiple domain names.

  • Single Certificates

    Secure your individual domain with a Sectigo Single SSL certificate. Sectigo Single SSL certificates include Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, and Extended Validation. Includes a Trust Logo real-time assurance seal.

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Signing Certificates

Certificate Solutions to Digitally Sign Applications and Enable Secure Communication

  • eIDAS Compliant Solutions

    Qualified certificates from Sectigo enable individuals and organizations to sign or seal documents and meet eIDAS requirements.

  • S/MIME Email Encryption

    Improve email security by digitally signing and encrypting your communications with our email certificates. Prevent man-in-the-middle attackers, phishing and other types of cyber attacks. Supported by the major mail applications, popular mobile devices, and more.

  • Code Signing

    Code signing provides authentication to assure customers that downloaded files are from the publisher named on the certificate.

  • Document Signing

    Keep sensitive data and documents protected with document signing. These certificates provide trusted assurance of authentication for electronically transmitted documents by validating identity.

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