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    The Evolution of Certificate Management: Augmenting AD CS

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Sep 12, 2023

    Data security is paramount, and we know the management of digital certificates plays a crucial role in ensuring secure communication and data integrity.

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    Elevate your AD CS capabilities with Sectigo Certificate Manager

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Aug 17, 2023

    The rapid digital transformation of businesses has led to increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT environments.

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    How to Achieve Complete Visibility Across All Cryptographic Assets

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Mar 01, 2023

    Digital certificates underpin all industries and secure an almost limitless number of systems and processes. They allow humans and machines, whether a humble printer in the corner of a home office or sophisticated IoT devices in a factory, to verify their digital identities and establish digital trust as they’re interacting with other humans, machines or digital services.

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    Sectigo Delivers Automated CLM for Apache HTTP Web Server Users

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Mar 04, 2022

    Sectigo is pleased to offer a new integration in its market-leading Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM), for users of the open-source web server software Apache® HTTP Server. The latest enhancements fill a market need to directly automate the deployment and renewal of digital certificates natively on Apache HTTP Server without additional software.

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    The case for single domain certificates

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Jan 27, 2022

    Single domain SSL certificates secure both the www and non-www version of a single domain. They are available in Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) options.

    When it comes to securing a website with digital certificates, single domain certificates stand out as the best option since they are more secure, easier to manage and automate, and more cost-effective when compared to other options. Wildcard certificates (secure the primary domain and unlimited subdomains) and multi-domain SSL certificates (secure multiple domains) come with inherent risks that create complex management challenges and could result in significant consequences to the business.

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    Set Up Your Own Private CA at Lightning Speed

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Nov 02, 2020

    The adoption of Private Certificate Authority (CA) has increased tremendously with the expanded use scenarios in remote work in the enterprise, DevOps workflow on the cloud, and IoT device security. Historically, the creation and set up of a Private CA has been lengthy—sometimes weeks—requiring expensive PKI experts.

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    Don’t ‘Compromise’ Your Code Amid Malware Mayhem

    A Blog Post from Sectigo

    Blog Post Apr 21, 2020

    With EV Code Signing Certificates, the EV vetting process is mandated by the CA/Browser Forum, discouraging fraudsters from attempting to obtain them.

  • Blog Post Dec 04, 2019

    Five Ways PKI Protects and Secures Financial Services Data

    Data has become the lifeblood of the financial services industry. From managing transaction details and providing real-time account and trading information to automating risk management processes, forecasting, and fraud detection, data is integral and the most important resource to protect.

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    Root Causes - A PKI & Security Podcast

    EPISODE 28

    Broadcast Date:
    July 22, 2019

    23 minutes

    Podcast Jul 22, 2019

    Root Causes 28: SSL Certificate Automation Through ACME

    ACME is a new SSL certificate automation standard that is taking the world by storm. Join our hosts and guest Abul Salek as they discuss this ACME.

  • Blog Post Jun 24, 2019

    Are Private PKI Solutions Really Private?

    Learn 3 deployment architecture scenarios of when to use Sectigo's Private PKI Solution for Root Certificate Authority (CA) plus other features & benefits.

  • Blog Post Jun 13, 2019

    Enable Certificate Management Automation for Citrix ADC with Sectigo

    Citrix ADC’s SSL offload feature transparently improves the performance of websites that conduct SSL transactions. Citrix and Sectigo have partnered to make certificate management streamlined on Citrix Application Delivery Controller. We are pleased to announce that Sectigo Certificate Manager is now Citrix-ready with the latest versions of Citrix ADC.

  • Blog Post May 02, 2019

    Sectigo Provides Plenty of Options for SSL Certificate Automation

    One size does not fit all when it comes to automation of SSL certificate lifecycle management. That is why Sectigo provides a number of alternatives and a choice to pick one or more that are the most suitable for your organization. Here are the many options for your organization.