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Blog Post May 16, 2023

Why I Chose Sectigo

Change. Change is part of life – we all know that by now. Change is hard. Change is good. Change is scary, exciting and at times, exhilarating. Rather than run from it, I hope that I’ve learned a bit about moving through it, embracing the bumps in the road, and having faith when I am redirected or make a decision that may change my own trajectory, forging ahead in the most thoughtful way that I know how to make meaningful decisions as I navigate this path that is in front of me.

But why did I choose to make this change to come to Sectigo? I suppose when I reflect a bit and try to explain it- a few key themes come to mind.

By nature, I am drawn to a good team. So, what is my definition of a “good team”? Simply put, good teams and good people genuinely care about doing something well - providing a service or product that makes the world a better place, upgrading the efficiencies and ease for which other people can also do things well. This group of people must have integrity, care about lifting each other up and do not let their egos get in the way of driving the right things to fulfill an important mission. Sectigo has an amazing opportunity to be first in a market where digital security is of critical importance to multitudes of businesses across the world, and if we can unify our teams of good people across the globe, well, the sky is the limit. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Secondly, I like to build. I tell others I have an extra dose of “builder” in my DNA. And by that, I mean, I don’t mind doing things from scratch – in fact, I love the opportunity to do so and am driven by seeing the progress and fruits of our labor as we look back over six months, nine months, one year, and beyond. It’s thrilling to me to build something – a great team, new processes, simplified technology (all the above!) and I love surrounding myself with those good and talented teams who lift each other up, have a little fun in the process and aim make a difference in a unified, collective way.

My Dad was a custom home builder and I sometimes wonder if (back “in the day”) he might have taught one of us girls to build a great home. At the time, it was not even a consideration. Now I feel I can use many of the things he taught me to build a solid foundation in whatever I do, making sure to incorporate all the right components to incorporate sound foundations in all things - teams, processes, relationships, infrastructure. My Mom decorated those custom homes and so I like to also think I learned to add the “sparkle” from her. Even sound structures need a bit of sparkle, right? And as human beings, I want to understand what drives YOU and how we instill that “sparkle” that resonates with you and inspires you to contribute to our good and talented teams!

Lastly, it’s important to me to connect and share my own experiences with others. Every organization has strengths and opportunities- many of Sectigo’s resonate with me because I have lived through them in some way in prior experiences and know that I have valuable contributions to make as a result. As this organization turns the corner in a critical juncture of its growth, if there are experiences, expertise, learnings that I can share that make things better for our company and our employee experience, it is not only my obligation, but my honor and ambition to do so.

I am looking forward to the journey of ONE SECTIGO!