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Blog Post May 31, 2023

Driving Digital Trust and Partner Sales: Christopher Bray's Decision to Join Sectigo

I am delighted to share that I have recently embarked on a new chapter in my professional journey as the Senior Vice President of Partner and eCommerce Sales at Sectigo. My decision to join Sectigo was driven by their unwavering dedication to fostering online trust as an industry leader in digital security, and the passion of the highly talented, mission-driven teams committed to making the internet a safer place.

Sectigo's unwavering resolve to establish trust in the digital realm deeply resonated with me. In an increasingly interconnected world where online transactions and interactions have become the norm, ensuring secure digital experiences is of paramount importance. Sectigo's focus on digital certificates and Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) positions them as a key player in instilling this much-needed trust. I am honored to be part of an organization that recognizes the significance of this mission and provides a robust foundation of digital trust for prominent global brands.

Sectigo's partner ecosystem holds immense strategic value in our pursuit of category leadership. As the Senior Vice President of Partner and eCommerce Sales, I am excited about the role I will play in nurturing and scaling Sectigo's partner relationships. Strong partnerships are essential in enhancing our reach and scale as a trusted provider of digital security solutions. I firmly believe that by investing in a broad network of partners around the world, we will accelerate Sectigo's growth and success within the industry.

One of the compelling factors that drew me to Sectigo is the company's impressive track record and its ability to deliver tangible results. With nearly two decades of experience in the challenging and results-driven security software space, including leadership roles at distinguished organizations such as Aura, Cylance, Symantec and McAfee I look forward to leveraging my experience in building and scaling these businesses to drive growth at Sectigo. I am thrilled to collaborate with Sectigo's exceptional leadership team, especially CEO Kevin Weiss, who is one of the most respected leaders in the industry. Support and trust from top-level executives who lead with integrity and passion are instrumental in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and success. I am eager to contribute my expertise and work alongside the team to accelerate and scale Sectigo's partner and eCommerce businesses.

My decision to join Sectigo was guided by their unwavering commitment to establishing digital trust, their strategic focus on building strong partner relationships, and the immense potential for personal and professional growth within the organization. I am honored to be part of the Sectigo family and look forward to working diligently with the exceptional team to drive innovation, expand market presence, and solidify Sectigo's position as a leader in digital security.