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Blog Post Feb 18, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Vince Chiu

No one loves an extraordinary transformation more than Vince Chiu, Sectigo’s Marketing Operations Manager. Vince, a cybersecurity industry expert with considerable experience in the SSL space, joined Sectigo in 2018, timed with the company’s brand transition. From setting and meeting aggressive KPIs to helping with brand strategy, Vince and his team have brought new energy to the marketing department, finding exciting ways to leverage data to build better solutions.

“Since I joined Sectigo, we have been in the process of capturing and analyzing much more data than ever before to help understand the buyer journey and transform leads to loyal customers,” Vince says. “Our primary driver is to utilize data-driven decisions to help achieve alignment between marketing and sales for mutual company success.”

Vince Chiu, Manager of Marketing Operations at Sectigo

This data-driven approach has led to a massive increase in inbound retail sales—which currently sits at 63% year-on-year growth—and Vince is quick to note that the improvement has been a collective effort to enhance operational efficiency. In 2018, the entire company underwent a refresher, powered by positive people determined to drive continued growth.

Today, Sectigo looks at customer acquisition from a holistic approach such as customer segmentation, campaign type, and source type as they move through the funnel, and eventually, often become customers. By taking this approach to understanding the data, Sectigo can help forecast its future customer pipeline, and gain a more complete understanding of what works and what doesn’t to ensure a stronger performance from the sales team in the future. “This company has a vision,” says Vince, “And we’re hiring the best of the best in the industry to drive that forward.”

For Vince, this culture of cooperation has been an encouraging experience. Everyone around him is engaged—with their work, their department, and with the company as a whole. “We put our heads together to solve issues,” he says. ”We all take responsibility as a group. This empowers the employees. It fosters trust.”

Transformation Through Transparency and Collaboration

The rebrand was just the first step—Sectigo is still transforming, and the company remains in the process of scaling and improving. To Vince, transparency among teams has been one of the primary drivers of this growth. He emphasizes that Sectigo’s company culture is like a “twenty-year startup,” where openness and collaboration are key, but there is still a rich, guiding history of product knowledge and industry experience.

This sense of collaboration doesn’t stop at upper management positions, and the presence of this important aspect of Sectigo’s culture at all levels of the company is one of Vince’s favorite parts of working for the company. The leadership team is always receptive to suggestions and consistently works hard to incorporate them into the company’s overall vision.

“If somebody has a good idea, we don’t shut it down,” says Vince. “We always encourage people to bring an idea to management, whether it be a viable solution or a way to implement a new process. Creativity and open thinking are what brings some of the best products and processes to Sectigo.”

The culture of openness doesn’t just come from a few individuals, it’s company-wide. “Every department has clarity of purpose,” notes Vince.

Looking Forward

Since coming to Sectigo, Vince has worked to ensure that the company benefits from the experience offered by prior legacy, but also capitalizes on its unique vision for the future. Working at Sectigo means keeping a startup mentality, and this means bringing big ideas to the table and being ready to execute them. Vince is careful to emphasize that the evolution of Sectigo is not over, and the company is expanding into new and exciting areas of the industry.

Extensions in the enterprise product line and malware protection are putting Sectigo at the forefront of holistic approaches to web security. “We’re not just catering to specific use cases,” Vince says. “We are driving towards a more holistic approach in terms of web security.”

We aren’t Comodo anymore,” he adds. “While we carried over great knowledge and expertise from our past, we are a new company with a new vision and purpose for the future.”