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Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo

We are the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world, and now we take the next step in our evolution.

Our Story So Far

Since Francisco Partners acquired Comodo CA in Oct 2017, many exciting things have happened. With our 20+ years of experience, we have issued over 100 million digital certificates and work with more than 700,000 businesses worldwide. We have become the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world. Today marks a new beginning as a continuation of our past success – moving forward we will now be known as Sectigo!

By rebranding as Sectigo, we are limiting market confusion, emphasizing our expansion beyond SSL certificates to web security solutions, and demonstrating a renewed commitment to innovation, digital transformation, and service. Our global team is focused on delivering security products and services that rethink norms and advance the industry as a whole.

At Sectigo, our mission is to be the world’s most trusted, innovative, and customer-centric partner for protecting organizations’ identities, web presence and connected devices – from the biggest brands to the smallest websites – so they can secure today and seize their tomorrow.

Watch our journey from Comodo CA to Sectigo

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rebrand

No. You do not need to make changes to your existing solution.

No. Your Comodo-branded certificate will remain in place.

No. You will receive the same level of support and service that you receive today.

No. We will continue to offer multiple levels of security, price points, and packages for every size business. Pricing will not change as a result of the rebrand. However, the company may adjust pricing for products and services in the future, and all sales will continue to reflect current exchange rates for purchases outside of the U.S.

Account manager phone numbers will remain the same. You will receive notification of new email address conventions after the rebrand. However, emails addressed to “” will be re-directed ensuring communications are not lost post the rebranding.

During the transition period, those two sites will still be live, as we wanted to give our customers a chance to get used to the new change. However, once the transition is complete, we will begin to phase out those sites from use.

As the next phase in our planned transition from Comodo CA to Sectigo, starting January 14, 2019, we will issue new customer certificates from Sectigo branded issuing CAs under our widely trusted USERTrust root CAs.

This change will happen seamlessly with no action needed for customers or partners. Existing certificates, issuing CAs, and roots will remain active and trusted. The new Sectigo intermediates will be used to fulfill new requests, renewal requests, and requests that are pending at the time of this transition. Reissuance requests that are handled directly by Sectigo will be fulfilled using the same issuing CA that issued the original certificate.

Yes. Comodo will continue to be shown as the Certificate Authority in browsers until the rebrand is complete.

The Rebranded Product Portfolio

Comodo CA security products have been renamed to Sectigo. Reference the chart below to view what the old products are, and what they named now:

Comodo CA Sectigo
Comodo EV SSL is now Sectigo EV SSL
Comodo OV SSL is now Sectigo OV SSL
Comodo DV SSL is now Sectigo DV SSL
Comodo SSL Wildcard is now Sectigo SSL Wildcard
Comodo SSL EV Multi-Domain is now Sectigo EV SSL Multi-Domain
Comodo SSL Unified Communications is now Sectigo SSL Unified Communications
Comodo SSL Free Trial is now Sectigo SSL Trial
Comodo IoT PKI Manager is now Sectigo IoT Manager
Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) is now Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM)
Comodo Code Signing is now Sectigo Code Signing
Comodo Secure Email is now Sectigo Email Certificate (S/MIME)

The New Sectigo TrustLogo

We've updated our TrustLogo into our new brand for our TLS / SSL certificate customers. Place the Sectigo TrustLogo on your website to boost visitor trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase sales.

If you have a question not answered above, please contact your account manager, [email protected], or [email protected].

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