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Blog Post Jan 29, 2019

Sectigo Seizes Today and Tomorrow

When I look back on 2018, a simple statement comes to mind: innovation is everything. It was a breakthrough year for Sectigo — a year in which we achieved record growth while transforming the organization to become the global leader in digital identity and web security solutions. But innovation is not everything…unless you deliver on your vision; in 2018 that is exactly what we did. Here are some of our most notable accomplishments for 2018.

  • Achieved record growth — 2018 was our first full year after the spin out. We closed the year with nearly 30 percent YoY channel sales growth and more than 20 percent YoY Enterprise sales growth. Sectigo is outpacing the market and taking a web security leadership role.
  • Installed a world-class management team– We added veteran executives from Verisign, Symantec, Entrust, Comodo Group, DigiCert, and GeoTrust.
  • Rebranded the company – We rebranded as Sectigo in November, limiting market confusion and better representing the breadth and direction of our solutions.
  • Exceeded 100M certificates issued – We maintained our market leadership as the largest commercial CA.
  • Grew share in the enterprise – Top brands worldwide, such as Credit Agricole, Vanguard, PetSmart, and Gap, joined our roster of enterprise customers.
  • Expanded product portfolio – We stepped up efforts beyond our core TLS / SSL digital certificate business, introducing Sectigo IoT Manager (advancing device security across multi-vendor ecosystems) and releasing version 6.0 of our Certificate Manager platform, with enhanced features and automation for managing public and private certificates.
  • Expanded support capabilities – We opened a new headquarters in Roseland, NJ, and unveiled a new development center in Ottawa, Canada to support R&D and quality assurance – doubling our staff dedicated to delivering services in 15 different languages.
  • Acquired CodeGuard– In August, we acquired a global leader in website maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery. The addition of CodeGuard, a brand known for fast, reliable backup and recovery services, enabled us to confidently expand into a new area of web security. While the CodeGuard brand remains distinct from Sectigo, we have integrated all CodeGuard services and solutions into our offerings for customers and partners – and we commend the team for achieving more than 45 percent YoY growth.

So, what’s ahead in 2019?

While there is value in reflecting on a successful year, it’s equally important to look ahead to what 2019 may have in store. Our expansion into new areas of web security has been grounded in addressing important security challenges our customers face, including compliance, email phishing, and Private CA operations — coupled with our recognition of the shifting threat landscape.

Regrettably, we anticipate that ransomware, data breaches, and email impersonation will continue to grow this year. These are unfortunate facts in today’s world, but we do hope that consumer education will grow in step with the measures businesses are taking to protect their organizations, as well as their customers. The existing threats will increase in severity and reach. In particular, phishing will continue into its third decade as a profitable criminal activity. The need for authenticated certificates, including the Extended Validation (EV) company-branded address bar, will continue to grow along with it.

It’s already clear that 2019 will be a huge year for email certificates. Regulations such as GDPR and the Department of Defense’s DFARS have clearly identified the need for email to have both encryption and authenticated identity. The addition of S/MIME email certificates is just one more factor in what already is an ultra-complicated certificate environment for most enterprises. Multiple CAs, both public and private, must serve an increasingly virtualized, containerized, DevOps-fueled enterprise architecture in which the goal of “Software-Defined Everything” suggests the coming need for “Certificate-Protected Everything.”

All this complexity means that enterprises will look for simplicity in managing the lifecycles of their full set of public and private certificates regardless of the CA, all from a single pane of glass, and that the industry must work to quickly identify and remove from service certificates used for nefarious purposes. Although there is not a silver bullet, digital certificates are — and will continue to be — an important layer in any security solution for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

As we move deeper into 2019, Sectigo’s focus on web security will only expand. We look forward to meeting new challenges, delivering innovative new solutions, and making the internet a safer place for everyone.