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Blog Post Oct 22, 2020

Sectigo Activates Enterprise Authentication for All Partners

For as long as Sectigo has existed, we’ve been working on new ways to make identity and authentication faster, simpler, and more reliable. Today, I am pleased to announce that we are making certificate issuance easier than ever by activating Enterprise Authentication for all Sectigo partners. As of today, all of our partners will receive access to this game-changing authentication service, giving them a valuable new tool to speed delivery of extended validation (EV) and organization validation (OV) certificates.

Enterprise Authentication enables instant assurance: have your credentials validated once, and every certificate after that will be issued instantly. Once Enterprise Authentication has been enabled, businesses only need to be validated once every 13 months, instead of each time an Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificate is needed.

For our partners with vast numbers of certificates to manage, instant and reliable certificate issuance can dramatically streamline the authentication process, lightening the load on IT by saving hours—or sometime days, of work.

Sectigo’s Enterprise Authentication service is simple. Once a company has been initially validated, customers will receive an email for each certificate, requiring a confirmation click, after which the certificate will be immediately issued.

Partners should be aware that, even with Enterprise Authentication enabled, Sectigo is complying with CA/Browser Forum guidelines by maintaining these two parameters:

  • Domain Control Validation (DCV) will still need to be completed and passed for every certificate requested, ensuring that every certificate is valid and legitimate.
  • The same physical and email addresses should be used for all certificates, otherwise the initial full company validation process will need to be repeated for each additional address used.

To find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and to learn more about Enterprise Authentication, please click here.

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