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Enterprise Authentication for Instant Issuance

Enable instant issuance with Sectigo’s Enterprise Authentication tool. Have your credentials validated once and every certificate after that will be issued instantly.

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Sectigo Can Instantly Issue OV and EV Certificates Using Enterprise Authentication

Businesses must be validated once every 13 months instead of every time an OV or EV certificate is needed once Enterprise Authentication is enabled. Depending on the certificate type, this can save organizations hours or even days.

How It Works

Enable Enterprise Authentication Today

  • STEP 1

    Order a Sectigo OV or EV Certificate

  • Step 2

    Complete Necessary Validation Steps

  • Step 3

    Order Additional Certificates Without Revalidation

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are questions as to how Enterprise Authentication works and the steps necessary to complete the process. If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please reach out.

When an initial order for an Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) Certificate request is made and it passes validation an email - similar to the below - is sent to the AppRepEmail address. Please note validation must occur at a minimum every 13 months as per CA/Browser Forum regulations.

The certificate applicant is to click “confirm” in the email, and then will be directed to the confirmation “Thank You” landing page, as below.

For each certificate purchased after the initial company validation, you will receive an email and it is simply a confirmation click and the certificate will be issued.

Sectigo recommends using the same address consistently, but if the address is different for a 2nd, 3rd, etc, you will have to go through the initial validation process, however then each additional certificate with that address will be issued instantly.

In the event that the company has some misaligned company address information, we will send an email asking if they would prefer to use a previously verified address. The same could be said if an organization has two different pre-approved addresses for the same company name, for example, Sectigo New Jersey and Sectigo UK. The applicant would then be able to select the correct enterprise authentication approved address for the certificate.

Yes, the same email address is required for every certificate to take advantage of instant issuance. If a different email address is used, full company validation will need to be done before the certificate can be issued. This is required, because we need to tie the applicant to the validated organizational details which would have gone through a legal attestation as well as organizational call-back to confirm the applicants request. As this is implemented globally it offers additional out of band confirmation directly to the originally validated applicant.

Yes, DCV will need to be completed and passed for every certificate even if Enterprise Authentication is enabled.

There is no unique API for Enterprise Authentication. This is the process for all orders passed to Sectigo irrespective of how the order reached us such as Online ordering accounts, Affiliate URLs, Ordering URLs, EPKI Accounts, All Sectigo API’s. The Enterprise Authentication system then is global to Sectigo’s database, meaning any organization or customer pre-approved via any channel (Partner A, Retail order, Partner B) would then benefit from the pre-approval for its organization and to that pre-approved address.

This is done when a new certificate order comes in for the Organization after the initial 13-month validation approval.

Enterprise Authentication is on by default. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].