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Tech Document Sep 25, 2018

How to Install Certificates on Cisco ACS 4.2

This article will go into detail on how to install certificates on Cisco ACS 4.2.

Installation of the Certificate on Cisco ACS

Complete these steps:

Note: Also note that if your server certificate is created using an intermediate CA, you need to repeat these steps for every CA in the chain between the root CA and the server certificate, which includes the root CA certificate.

Step 1 In the navigation bar, click System Configuration.

The System Configuration page opens.

Step 2 Click ACS Certificate Setup.

Step 3 Click Install ACS Certificate.

Step 4 The Install ACS Certificate page opens

Step 5 Ensure that you click the Read certificate from file radio button.

Step 6 In the Certificate file text box, enter the server certificate location (path and name); for example c:\Certs\server.cer.

Step 7 In the Private Key File text box, type the server certificate private key location (path and name); for example: c:\Certs\server.pvk.

Step 8 In the Private Key password text box, type 1111.

Step 9 Click Submit.

Step 10 ACS displays a message indicating that the certificate has been installed and instructs you to restart the ACS services.

Step 11 Do not restart the services at this time.

Restart the services later, after you have completed the steps for adding a trusted certificate.

To install the CA Certificate:

Step 1 Choose System Configuration > ACS Certificate Setup > ACS Certification Authority Setup.

Step 2 The ACS Certification Authority Setup page appears

Step 3 In the CA certificate file box, type the CA certificate location (path and name). For example: c:\Certs\ca.cer.

Step 4 Click Submit.
Add a Trusted Certificate

After you add a server certificate and set up the certificate authority, install a trusted certificate.

To add a trusted certificate:

Step 1 Choose System Configuration > ACS Certificate Setup > Edit Certificate Trust List.

The Edit Certificate Trust List appears.

Step 2 Locate the trusted certificate that you want to install and check the check box next to the certificate name.

For example, find the Stress certificate and check the check box next to it.

Step 3 Click Submit.

Step 4 To restart ACS, choose System Configuration > Service Control, and then click and then click Restart.