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Blog Post Dec 02, 2022

An Exciting Development in Quantum-Safe Cryptography: ISARA Dedicates Four Digital Certificate Patents to the Public

Quantum computing will render traditional public key infrastructure (PKI), as the world knows it, no longer fit for purpose in the coming years. This poses a very real threat to the information security systems enterprises rely on to protect freedom, liberty, privacy, and security.

To remain secure, the world will have to be crypto agile and adopt new families of quantum-resistant cryptography. The latest announcement from the quantum-safe security solution provider ISARA will help IT leaders migrate to quantum-safe cryptography. ISARA is dedicating the intellectual property behind its ISARA Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate Methodology, including four patents, to the public to boost quantum security.

Sectigo concurs with ISARA that open standards and interoperability must be built at the heart of the modern cybersecurity tech stack. While the much touted ‘Quantum Apocalypse’ may seem like a distant problem to solve, governments and organizations of all sizes must begin preparing for the inevitability that the current cryptographic standards will become obsolete. The ubiquity of cryptography in computer systems, including critical infrastructure, cannot be ignored and so enabling organizations of all sizes to start their journeys to quantum readiness is vital to maintain the digital trust the world relies on now and in the future.

Helping enterprises prepare for quantum computing has long been a priority for Sectigo, in partnership with ISARA. In 2020, Sectigo announced the launch of Sectigo Quantum Labs to provide enterprises with tools for issuing quantum-safe certificates for users, applications, servers, DevOps, code, and more. Sectigo incorporates quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms from ISARA to create next-generation quantum-resistant PKI X.509 hybrid certificates.

These hybrid certificates use both traditional and quantum-safe keys and signatures and allow for an easier and more manageable transition from traditional PKI cryptography and post-quantum cryptography (when the new quantum-resistant algorithms are standardized in the coming years).

Sectigo’s partnership with ISARA to offer a post-quantum toolkit helps enterprises gain expertise in hybrid certificates so they can be cryptographically agile, and the latest ISARA announcement is a welcomed step forward as IT leaders continue preparing for the quantum era that is inching closer to reality.

Download a toolkit about quantum-safe cryptography in Sectigo’s Quantum Labs at