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Product Assets


PCI compliance scanning enables merchants to validate PCI Compliance quarterly on up to five servers using the full complement of HackerGuardian plug-ins (over 30,000 individual vulnerability tests). The HackerGuardian Additional IP Address Pack allows HackerGuardian to grow with your external and internal PCI scanning needs.

Download Full | 15.609 MB

Collateral and Landing Pages

Collateral and Landing Pages

Below not only will you find collateral on PCI Compliance, but also the master file for the HackerGuardian landing page. Additionally, please follow the below link to view our PCI Compliance Landing Page

  1. PCI Compliance Download doc
  2. Landing Page Download zip

Email Assets

Email Assets

Here you will find all the assets needed to promote HackerGuardian via email. Additionally, for reference, below are examples of what the HackerGuardian emails should look like when fully coded:

- Introducing HackerGuardian 2.0 to Partners

- HackerGuardian Migration Reminder to Trial Customers

- HackerGuardian Migration Reminder to Paid Customers

  1. Email Banner 1 Download jpeg
  2. Email Banner 2 Download jpeg
  3. Migration Reminder Download html
  4. Reminder Images Download zip

Web Banners

Web Banners

Here you will find HackerGuardian Web Banners in various sizes to suit your needs

  1. Web Banner 300x250 Download jpeg
  2. Web Banner 720x300 Download jpeg
  3. 728x90 Download jpeg