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One API for Multiple Products - Product Implementation has Never Been Easier

Our new, single API - AutoApplyOrder - makes requesting not only our range of SSL certificates, but also new products for Website Backup & Restore, Website Malware Remediation, Reputation Management, WAF/CDN, PCI Compliance, VPN and more easier than ever. This single API reduces Product Integration and Transaction completion from weeks or months to hours or event minutes.

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For Existing sectigo resellers

  • Fully backward compatible with existing AutoApplySSL API
  • Simple EndPoint URL Change to enable new API
  • Similar Parameters, Simple Additions and You can buy one or many Sectigo Products
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PCI Compliance Application For Cloud,
On Premise or Hybrid for any Public Facing IP

  • Quick Integration:
    Common API Interface
  • Best in Class PCI
    Compliance Product
  • User Friendly
  • 10+ Years
    Expertise in
    PCI Compliance
  • Revenue
  • Dedicated
  • Global

Achieve PCI compliance and secure your network

User Friendly, Guided Approach

A friendly and intuitive interface, HackerGuardian helps guide you through the PCI DSS compliance process

Support for Web App Requirements

Automates the evaluation of web apps during & after development, ensuring they’re built & maintained securely.

Streamlined Scanning & Remediation

Scan all Internet-facing networks and systems with high accuracy, generates easy to use reports and provides detailed patching instructions for each vulnerability discovered.


When conducting a scan, HackerGaurdian PCI doesn’t interfere with the cardholder data system

No stealth software installations

HackerGaurdian will never install any software on your systems without your knowledge and pre-approval

No dangerous tests

HackerGaurdian will not conduct tests that overload your systems or cause an outage

Conforming reports

HackerGaurdian produces reports that conform to the PCI SSC Requirements

Schedule Unlimited Scan

Schedule Quarterly, Daily or Weekly Scans as you like on an ad hoc manner.

Selective or Full PCI Scan

Scan your network in segments and remediate/re-scan for vulnerabilities on target IPs. No need to scan your entire network

Leverage 24/7 support

Leverage 24/7 online help and email/telephone support for understanding and pursuing compliance

Scan Public Facing IPs

Scan all public facing IPs on premise, on cloud or hybrid

Automate, simplify and attain PCI compliance quickly

Quickly eliminate threats, secure your network and stay compliance

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PCI Reporting

HackerGuardian Painless PCI Scan

Generates two PCI network reports that are similar but intended for different purposes: One designed to offer proof of compliance, and the other to serve as a remediation guide.

  • Generates PCI Executive Report for submitting to the acquiring bank to document PCI compliance. This report provides summary level information only
  • Generates PCI Technical Report for identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing remediation. This report includes technical details to assist with remediation
  • Includes in the reports an overall PCI compliance status of “passed” or “failed”
    • An overall PCI compliance status of “passed” indicates that all hosts in the report passed the PCI DSS compliance standards set by the PCI Council. A host compliance status is provided for each host. A PCI compliance status of “passed” for a single host/IP indicates that no vulnerabilities or potential vulnerabilities were detected on the host.
    • If you fail the assessment, you can view a list of detected vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities, including those that must be fixed to obtain compliance as well as vulnerabilities that we recommend that you fix. View detailed remediation information.
  • Allows you to download PCI compliance reports in PDF to submit to your acquiring bank or to assist in remediation efforts

Eliminate Security Threats and stay PCI Compliant

Leverage HackerGuardian’s detailed remediation:

  • Automates and greatly simplifies scanning and remediation
  • Provides easy-to-use reporting of vulnerabilities that will cause you to fail PCI DSS
  • Uses the Qualys Cloud Platform to accurately scan vulnerabilities
  • Provides detailed instructions for each detected vulnerability, with links to verified patches for rapid remediation
  • Provides secure, fast anonoymous browsing
  • Offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Includes 24/7 support

HackerGuardian PCI Compliance includes:

  • Unlimited PCI Scanning
  • Customized Scanning Bandwidth
  • Improved Web Application Scanning
  • Higher Number of Concurrent Scans
  • Dedicated PCI Scanning Service
  • Degree of Scan Accuracy
  • Less False Positives

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HackerGuardian compares favorably to Market Pricing.

  • Price per year
    per IP
  • Discounted pricing for additional IPS
  • PCI Scans Per Quarter
  • Daily Vulnearability Scan
  • PCI Compliant / Security Seal
  • 24X7 Support
  • $50 (Includes 5 IPS)
  • Unlimited
  • Call, Live Chat &
    Support Ticket
  • $188
  • Unlimited
  • Call (US Only)
  • $150
  • Unlimited
  • Call
Trust Guard
  • $1,587
  • Once Daily
  • Call

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