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Ed Giaquinto ‌

CIO at Sectigo

As CIO, Ed Giaquinto oversees IT and support, leading initiatives around change control, onboarding, proof of concept (POC), customer communications, service, and innovation in operational practices.

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Ed assumed the role in February 2019 following his role as Sectigo’s VP of Information Technology, where he led strategic planning and IT process development gleaned from 30 years in the IT industry.

A dynamic and transformational executive team member with significant experience working for top-tier firms in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, retail, and Internet security. Demonstrated track record of strategic planning, process development and improvement, and budget management. Skilled with people, systems and processes to quickly analyze, organize, and deliver innovative solutions to meet business requirements, and improve productivity and efficiency. Adept at defining and executing multi-year strategic plans in support of business and financial objectives.

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