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Revoke a Certificate

How to Revoke a Sectigo Issued Certificate

There are many reasons why you might need to revoke a certificate. It won’t happen very often but when it does you will need to act promptly and efficiently. Sectigo provides several options which walk you through the process.

Revocation Portal

For most scenarios the Revocation Portal will provide the tools you need to revoke certificates. You will need require a Revocation token or the Private Key.

Using ACME

To revoke a certificate using the ACME protocol you will need to be familiar with how to form ACME requests. The Sectigo ACME API can be accessed at

ACME Directory :

RevokeCert API :

For more information please see the Sectigo ACME Integration Guide.

Report abuse

Abuse of certificates impacts the security of the enterprise and can compromise the trust relationship established using digital identities. If you are aware of certificates being abused or misused, you can report it here:

Support ticket

If you have not been able to use the provided tools to revoke your certificate, feel free to raise a support ticket and work with our team to get the issue resolved. You can raise a support ticket here: