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eIDAS Electronic Signatures for Citizens

Sectigo Citizen Qualified Certificate

For citizens • Digitally issued and delivered

  • Considered legally binding
  • Common uses include contracts, transactions and administrative procedures*

Sectigo Citizen Qualified Certificate QSCD

For citizens • Delivered on Physical Token

  • Same legal effect as handwritten signatures
  • Created by a qualified signature creation device


Electronic Signatures

The eIDAS regulation further distinguishes between advanced and qualified signatures and seals.

An advanced electronic signature (AdES) or seal is based on a qualified certificate for electronic signatures, and has the following characteristics:

  • It is uniquely linked to the signatory.
  • It can identify the signatory.
  • It is linked to data in the signature that can detect any changes made.

A qualified electronic signature (QES) or seal is an AdES that is created using a qualified electronic signature creation device (QSCD) based on a qualified certificate for electronic signatures or seals.

Advanced vs Qualified Signature Delivery

  • Qualified signatures—for individuals, issued on a USB token QSCD, providing the same legal validity as handwritten signatures.
  • Advanced signatures—for individuals, issued on a USB token SCD.

For certificates used for signing or sealing, when the author initiates the digital signature of the document, the signing application will create a HASH value that represents the entire content of the document. After a proper authentication of the author, often using a PIN, the HASH value is signed and embedded into the document itself. Any attempt to change the content of the document after it is signed will change the HASH value and the signature will be marked as invalid.

Validation and Issuance - IMPORTANT

Getting Your Qualified Certificate

Once a certificate is ordered, you will be guided through the steps of passing the necessary validation checks so that your certificate can be issued. It's very important to understand the requirements for validation so your certificate can be issued as quickly as possible.

Face to face verification is used to verify your identity. This requires completion of the face-to-face form that will be provided to you by Sectigo, along with instructions for completing the form. The completed form must be notarized and accompanied by:

  • A notarized copy of government-issued photo ID.
  • Status of Author to verify the licensing status of the notary.

You will receive an email verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address.

When you place an order, the Subscriber Agreement email is sent to your email address.

Follow the instructions in the email to complete the subscriber agreement.