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SSL Certificates for Educational Institutions

Sectigo offers a full range of certificate solutions to meet the needs of educators and educational institutions.

The right certificates at the right prices. Free trial certificates available for students and academic researchers.

Educational institutions require certificates to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of students and faculty along with credit card numbers and other potentially sensitive information like schedules and academic records.

As a professional in the education space, you have the same IT security needs as any other large operation – but not always the same budet. Sectigo has a range of SSL certificates of different authentication levels to suit your specific needs. Save money and hassle with multi-domain or wildcard certificates. Volume purchasing discounts are available.

TLS/SSL Certificates

Always-on-SSL (AOSSL) to defeat browser warning messages and optimize SEO. Every consumer-facing is advised to secure every page with SSL certificates due to two reasons:
  • Google Chrome posts a “Not secure” warning on EVERY page that doesn’t have SSL, regardless of whether or not the page takes transactions or shares personal information.
    Security warnings can decrease site engagement and transactions. To eliminate these messages, sites should adopt Always-on SSL (AOSSL) by employing https for all pages on all sites.
  • Popular search engines award better search ranking to pages with SSL, once again regardless of whether or not they take transactions or share personal information.

Sectigo offers 30-day trial certificates for free. Issues from a trusted root, these Domain Validation (DV) certificates enable the exact same behavior as any full-priced DV certificate. They are perfect for students, instructors, and researchers who need certificates for implementing projects but ultimately won’t be standing up production applications.

CodeGuard Website Backup and Recovery

The CodeGuard site backup and recovery service is the easy way to achieve peace of mind that you can easily detect and recover your site from programming errors, malicious hacking, and malware infection. All in an automated cloud-based interface that you don’t have to be a computer programmer to use.

With CodeGuard you get:

  • Enterprise-grade backups made easy for schools
  • Malware monitoring and remediation
  • One click restore
  • Automatic WordPress plugin updates

CodeGuard automatically logs all changes to your site and allows instant restoration to a previous version at any time. It detects and notified you of changes to the site so that you can find about and reverse unauthorized hacking. It also discovers and removes malware infections from your site.