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Blog Post May 21, 2020

We Are Sectigo | James Langman

As the Vice President of Business Development for Sectigo’s Channel partner division, James Langman is responsible for managing some of the company’s largest partners.

Based in Sectigo’s UK office just outside Manchester, James describes himself as being “at the forefront of the Sectigo brand.” In his eyes, Sectigo’s success is defined by the success of its partners and customers, and he works hard to make sure everyone remains pleased with the company’s products and programs.

Since joining the company in 2002, James has focused on delivering personalized solutions to partners. One of the architects of Sectigo’s Partner Program, his goal has been continued growth—and those efforts have paid off. Today, Sectigo boasts an impressive program that encompasses a global network of partners. The program is designed to expand the individual needs of customers by deploying unique, customizable solutions like those that comprise the new Sectigo Web Security Platform. Sectigo values innovation, especially in the design of their products and platforms, to ease and improve users’ experiences and continuously developing the partner program. For James, this level of dedication of listening to and meeting customers’ needs is indicative of the overall mission of the company.

“Having worked at the company since before the acquisition, and being a part of the transition from Comodo, to Comodo CA, and finally Sectigo, I have seen the full evolution of the business and brand,” James explains. “It was apparent from the outset of our 2018 rebrand that Sectigo’s leadership was committed to focusing and investing in every area of the business to make it a world-class organization.”

Providing World-Class Support for Best-Practice Cybersecurity Products

With an expanding portfolio of customers across the globe, managing projects has grown increasingly complex. James and his team ensure that, despite the challenge of dealing with large numbers of customers via a vast channel program, each one receives the attention and support from Sectigo that they need. In this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, James notes that much of the job satisfaction and reward for him and his team is derived from “successfully delivering an end-to-end solution that benefits our partners and their customers.”.

James believes that if there is one thing that those in the security industry require of their partners, it’s trust. Sectigo places a high value on trust, and the effort the company has put into building that mutual trust with its partners and customers sets Sectigo apart from other vendors in the industry.

James explains that new customers become comfortable with the Sectigo brand very quickly. Part of what makes the company so easy to trust is its dedication to not just issuing and renewing certificates, but providing additional support, including the revocation of invalid certificates. James notes that each day, Sectigo currently serves more certificate revocation lookups than there are Google searches.

James and his coworkers bring passion to every project. Their jobs require considerable amounts of research, meetings, and original thinking to deliver tailor-made solutions. At Sectigo, employees are given the tools they need not just to succeed in their current position, but to advance their professional careers and foster company growth. The company’s emphasis on dynamism and empowerment has resulted in a culture of innovation that creates enormous opportunities not just for Sectigo employees, but for customers as well. As a result, years of dedication, growth, and learning, have enabled the channel team to build a strong foundation of trust that helps to guide the company’s world-class innovations as well.

While discussing Sectigo’s products, James shared his excitement for what’s to come. “We have a lot of very cool new technology and innovations on our roadmap,” he says. “My team and I look forward to bringing more exciting new solutions to our partners and customers.”