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Blog Post Oct 22, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Cameron Greenlees

After 20 years in the IT security industry, not much surprises Cameron Greenlees. Though the industry has changed rapidly throughout the past two decades, Cameron has made it a priority to keep up with the evolving technology landscape, ensuring that his team’s customers are prepared and protected.

Cameron joined Sectigo 12 years ago and currently serves as the Regional Sales Director for the company’s Manchester, UK office. Tasked with ensuring that a steady stream of new customers quickly—and consistently—realize the business benefits of Sectigo’s digital identity solutions, he has worked to stay ahead of trends and align Sectigo’s innovations with the best solutions for each client.

“The whole PKI industry has changed a lot within the last decade. Certificate lifecycles have shortened from ten years down to a single year, and I believe we will still have further reductions to go. I understand that the regular recycling of keys is more secure, however for our larger enterprise customers with hundreds or thousands of certificates, these changes present a real issue for effective certificate lifecycle management—particularly when this process is managed manually,” he explains. “Sectigo has released many public and private PKI advancements in certificate lifecycle automation to address this challenge. We are equipping our customers with solutions for additional use cases and enabling them to effectively manage large certificate estates in a timely fashion. This is especially important when a complete infrastructure replacement is required, such as the 2014 Heartbleed vulnerability, which required that every SSL certificate from every CA be replaced immediately.”

The Next Steps in Security Evolution

Offering a wide range of digital identity security solutions and an expanding array of DevOps and integrations, Sectigo continues to outpace what many expect from internet security—and Cameron has had a front seat to all of these advancements.

“Sectigo has done a great job innovating to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our customers’ security. It’s important for me to be up to speed with the latest products, but keep my mind in the present, working on the job at hand,” says Cameron about his role in Sectigo’s evolution.

Having issued more than 100 million SSL certificates, Sectigo has proven itself to be the leading commercial CA. However, the company, he says, is a holistic security company, not just a certificate authority. Over the past decade Sectigo has matured and expanded, he adds, “I see more products being developed and more features being released within our existing core products. But it’s also been exciting to see the company roll out an entirely new product: the Sectigo Web Security Platform. Sectigo Web is an automated multi-layered toolset that SMEs can use to easily secure and backup their websites. It’s a new space for us, and the market is already responding really well.”

Dedication to Customer Service Excellence

Cameron believes that Sectigo is such a force in the industry because the team’s impact extends beyond the products and services offered. The individualized consulting process is a crucial part of the company’s core. More than customer service, it’s also customer care.

“I try to educate my customers where I can,” he adds. “I hate to see people targeted by fraudsters or losing money through hackers, and if I can help, I will.”

The dedication to customer service underscores all of the work that Sectigo employees like Cameron do every day, and he hopes that this aspect of the company’s value proposition receives a little more notoriety. “When a new customer is brought on board, they fully realize how good the customer care is,” Cameron explains.

Cameron remains focused on providing individual and thoughtful services to his customers, preparing them for changes in the ever-evolving industry. “I ensure that any issues they have, no matter how big or small, are resolved immediately. I’m also there for customers with assistance relating to industry changes. I pass as much information along to my customers to ensure that they have everything they need to be ahead of new threats, as well as industry developments.”

“Every day is rewarding. I love collaborating with the customers that I have, and I enjoy supporting them to the best of my ability.”