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Press Release Nov 15, 2022

Sectigo’s Root Causes Cybersecurity Podcast Hits 150,000 Listeners

Weekly Podcast Hosted by Industry Veterans Explores Digital Identity, Identity-first Security, Public Key Infrastructure, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and Cryptographic Connections in Today’s Evolving Computing World

ROSELAND, NJ — November 15, 2022 — Sectigo®, a global leader in digital certificates and automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced its five-star rated Root Causes weekly podcast reached its 150,000 listeners milestone and is among the top 10 percent of global podcasts in popularity, as ranked by Listen Score.

Hosted by Sectigo’s Chief Experience Officer, Tim Callan, and SVP of Product, Jason Soroko, the podcast features discussion and commentary around major trends impacting the cybersecurity industry. More than 250 episodes are available for digestible, easy-listening insights into a broad range of topics such as digital identities and identity-first security, public key infrastructure (PKI), CLM, quantum cryptography, blockchain, passwordless, zero trust, and much more.

“Thank you for providing ‘key’ information on PKI and digital identity topics. It is an awesome way to stay current and learn how to protect digital assets in a constantly changing landscape,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

Another wrote: “[I’ve] been in the systems engineering space for 10 years and I’ve continued to struggle with PKI and CA [Certificate Authorities]. This podcast has slowly filled those gaps in helping me understand soup to nuts what it’s all about, the risks, and what ‘right’ looks like.”

Popular episodes this year include:

  1. Tim’s Big Phishing Adventure
  2. CISA Recommendations for Post-Quantum Crypto
  3. Is China Outspending the West in Quantum Computing?
  4. One-time Passcode as a Liability
  5. What Is Lattice-based Cryptography?

“As we continue to see increasingly sophisticated cyber threats disrupting businesses, new digital privacy laws, regulations on cryptocurrencies, and continued hype around transformational technologies like the metaverse, Web3, and quantum computing, it’s crucial organizations of all sizes take a hard look at their cybersecurity strategies,” Callan said.

Soroko added: “Weak digital identity credentials continue to be used as an attack surface, and at a time when there is a proliferation of human and machine identities accessing sensitive corporate data, adopting an identity-first security posture must be a top priority. We are proud our podcast continues to be a valued voice in an ever-evolving industry to help CISOs and their teams establish digital trust to securely conduct business today.”

Root Causes streams on Spotify, SoundCloud, Blubrry, Stitcher, and iTunes, and it is also available at

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