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Blog Post Mar 19, 2021

Sectigo’s DNS Solution Is the Top Performer According to DNSPerf

DNSPerf, a third-party website powered by global data analytics platform PerfOps, has rated Sectigo’s Anycast DNS the world’s #1 domain name systems (DNS) solution in terms of both Raw Performance and Overall Quality. Sectigo now ranks ahead of 42 other players in the DNS space.

It is always gratifying to receive recognition from independent third-party sources, and we are quite proud to have a component of our award-winning Sectigo Web Security Platform ranked highly on the DNSPerf leaderboards.

Our Anycast DNS solution is a critical part of the Sectigo Web platform, enabling our partners to provide their customers with optimized availability worldwide. The Sectigo solution delivers customers blazing fast resolutions and near-real-time update propagation thanks to the built-in security of our edge platform. Users can improve accessibility by distributing their DNS across the global anycast network. This means that if one DNS server—or even an entire region—suffers an outage, users can be confident that their websites will remain online.

Sectigo DNS customers can also improve time to first byte (TTFB) for website visitors, thanks to a system that connects them to the closest server location to ensure a prompt response. Better still, Sectigo’s DNS platform has built-in DDoS protection, ensuring that customer websites are always protected. This is part of Sectigo’s layered, dynamic security, which features automatic failover and TSIG authentication to maintain application availability.

The platform also includes IPv6-compliant Recursive DNS, with more IPv6 functionality and support on the way in the near future. Our platform is secure by default—and we are proud to stand behind a product that is as safe as it is fast.

Sectigo’s continued innovation is driven by the desire to improve our customers’ performance, accessibility, and security. Our global Anycast DNS solution does just that, enabling our partners to deliver high performance for their customers, while minimizing risk. We are always working to deliver stronger, more secure solutions for our customers, and DNSPerf’s ranking is a welcome recognition of our achievements in the web security space.