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Notification Mar 12, 2020

Sectigo's COVID-19 Preparedness

In light of widespread concern about disruptions to business and social functioning due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Sectigo has reviewed our operations and policies to understand the impact of foreseeable COVID-19 related events, including "lock downs" in our local operating areas, school closures, and high absenteeism. We are confident that Sectigo can weather the expected potential outcomes of COVID-19 with no disruption to our services.

All Sectigo operations, customer support, and identity validation services are globally distributed across offices in the United States, Canada, the UK, and India. We can ensure continuous, 24x7x365 service delivery around the world from any of these locations. Sectigo has complete business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place and can enable any number of its employees to work remotely if need be without disrupting operations. Sectigo’s online self-service options are available at any time from our various service websites.

One key to COVID-19 preparedness is enabling the automation of mission-critical services, including certificate issuance, management, and renewal. The industry saw a much smaller version of the same thing with the 2018-2019 US government shutdown. Over the course of 35 days we saw an increasing number of government services go offline as the necessary maintenance to keep these services in operation failed to materialize. Though I can't know for sure, I suspect a good number of these were due to certificate expirations. Employees who fully expected to handle certificate renewals were unexpectedly unable to do so, and we all saw the results.

Our experts are available to assist our customers with their COVID-19 planning to help ensure that they, too, are fully prepared for the possibility of elevated employee absenteeism or office closures. If you would like to consult with us on how to use certificate automation to improve your institutional resilience to COVID-19, please contact us.