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Press Release Sep 22, 2023

Sectigo® and Trust Technologies Partner to support the digital evolution of Italian Organizations

ROSELAND, NJ — September 22, 2023 — Sectigo®, a global leader in automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), and digital certificates, today announced a partnership with Telecom Italia Trust Technologies, QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider) and Certification Authority of the TIM Group, to deliver Italian organizations with best-in-class identity management.

The partnership strengthens an ongoing collaboration, in which Telecom Italia Trust Technologies has made available its technical and commercial expertise in the field of digital identity management alongside Sectigo’s automated, CA agnostic certificate lifecycle management platform, Sectigo Certificate Manager.

"We are very pleased to be working closely with Sectigo. Trust Technologies has a history focused on Digital Identity and Digital Transformation services, both in the public and private sectors. Our partnership with Sectigo brings together our collective experience, and will allow customers to benefit from both companies’ premium services and solutions, to simplify and make their processes even more efficient, allowing them to focus even more on their 'core business'. Our partnership will enable organizations in the region to automate the entire lifecycle of digital certificates, adhering to regulatory, security and compliance constraints," said Luciano Albanese, CEO of Trust Technologies.

The trend towards shorter certificate lifespans, known as "short life certificates", is an extremely important and costly issue for IT teams. With a new era of short-lived certificates on the horizon, and with the increased demand for access to cryptographic services, the importance of automation for digital certificate management has never been more acute.

"This partnership will allow Italian organisations to gain the benefits of Sectigo’s best-in-class Certificate Lifecycle Management solution," said Ottavio Camponeschi - Vice President EMEA of Sectigo. "This solution will deliver immediate benefits for companies by delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness of their security resources. Sectigo and Trust Technologies are already a point of reference for the Central Public Administration and will be increasingly so for all organisations in the Private sector that need Partners with consolidated experience and robust and innovative technological solutions".

About Trust Technologies

Telecom Italia Trust Technologies S.r.l. is a company part of the TIM Group with Olivetti S.p.A. as its sole shareholder.

As the Certification Authority of the TIM Group since 2000 (formerly known as IT Telecom Srl) and now a Qualified Trust Service Provider (eIDAS), Telecom Italia Trust Technologies manages resources and infrastructure within the TIM Group, enabling innovative solutions for the Digital Transformation of processes for both Public Administrations and Private entities. This includes developing and integrating solutions for digital identity and validation of individuals and objects, as well as managing data and document lifecycles in compliance with Italian and European regulations.

Thanks to the solutions offered by Telecom Italia Trust Technologies, organizations can seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation, including increased process effectiveness and efficiency, environmental sustainability through entirely paperless solutions, scalability to accommodate organizational growth, security provided by the TIM Group's infrastructure, and compliance with prevailing regulations and standards.

About Sectigo

Sectigo is a leading provider of automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions and digital certificates - trusted by the world’s largest brands. Its cloud-based universal CLM platform issues and manages the lifecycles of digital certificates issued by Sectigo and other Certificate Authorities (CAs) to secure every human and machine identity across the enterprise. With over 20 years establishing digital trust, Sectigo is one of the longest-standing and largest CAs with more than 700,000 customers. For more information, visit