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Blog Post Aug 04, 2023

Sectigo and Multipoint Group Join Forces to Enhance Digital Security Solutions for Businesses Worldwide

In an exciting development for the world of cybersecurity, Sectigo, a global leader in automated Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) and digital certificates, has joined hands with Multipoint Group, a leading distributor of IT cyber solutions. This strategic partnership is set to fortify digital security solutions for businesses across the globe, empowering them to take a proactive stance against cyber risks and safeguard their invaluable digital assets.

The collaboration between Sectigo and Multipoint Group is a dynamic response to the ever-evolving threat landscape, where cyber adversaries are constantly devising new ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Together, these two powerhouses are committed to providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions that are not only robust and scalable but also capable of nurturing a safe digital environment, fostering the much-needed digital trust.

Sectigo brings its wealth of expertise in automation, certificate lifecycle management, and public/private digital certificates to the table. With a stellar track record of establishing digital trust for businesses worldwide, Sectigo's top-tier CLM platform automates the lifecycle management of all digital certificates. This approach is instrumental in securing digital identities, devices, and transactions, painting a promising picture of enhanced security for the digital realm.

The crux of this partnership lies in its ability to foster innovation on an ongoing basis. Sectigo and Multipoint Group are geared to stay ahead of emerging threats, crafting security solutions that not only adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscapes but also lay a solid foundation of digital trust. This mutual commitment to innovation is poised to provide a powerful shield against the relentless wave of cyber threats.

What's more, Multipoint Group has exciting news to share: the company is all set to make its presence felt at GITEX DUBAI, one of the Middle East's premier technology conferences, scheduled for October 2023. During this event, Multipoint Group will shine a spotlight on its groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions and showcase its collaborative endeavors with Sectigo in tackling global digital security challenges head-on. Visitors to GITEX Dubai can expect to get an up-close look at Sectigo's innovative solutions designed to counter evolving cyber threats.

Jennifer Binet, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Sectigo, expressed her enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with Multipoint Group and offer businesses a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. As the usage of digital certificates continues to surge among enterprises, the necessity for a robust and automated certificate lifecycle management solution has never been more pronounced. Our collaboration with Multipoint Group allows us to combine Sectigo's state-of-the-art management platform with Multipoint's advanced cybersecurity distribution services."

Echoing this sentiment, Ricardo Resnik, CEO of Multipoint Group, emphasized, "Our partnership with Sectigo signifies a significant stride forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Together, we are empowering businesses to take proactive steps in risk mitigation and securing their digital assets, thus allowing them to channel their energy into fostering growth and innovation."

In essence, the Sectigo and Multipoint Group alliance sets the stage for a new era of enhanced digital security solutions. Their shared commitment to innovation, comprehensive protection, and fostering digital trust holds the promise of a safer and more resilient digital landscape for businesses worldwide. As cyber threats continue to evolve, the collaboration stands strong as a beacon of cybersecurity excellence. Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic partnership, and be sure to catch the Multipoint Group's compelling showcase at GITEX DUBAI 2023!