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Product Video Jun 10, 2020

IoT Security Challenges

Join our VP of IoT and Embedded Solutions, Alan Grau, as he dives into IoT Security Challenges. What you'll learn from this video:

► Security claims vs. Security realities for IoT devices

Many companies claim their IoT device is secure, but we are still seeing large numbers of successful cyberattacks targeting IoT devices. Companies must do more to build security into their devices.

► Challenges building security into IoT devices

IoT devices are specialized, have limited resources, and often have lifetimes measured in decades. This presents unique challenges. There is no “one size fits all” security solution for IoT devices. IoT device developers need specialized security solutions designed specifically for IoT devices.

► What does security mean for IoT devices?

While IoT devices are specialized the security challenges they face are not unique. IoT security solutions must provide authentication, data protection, protection from cyberattacks and integration with security management systems.

► Types of vulnerabilities found in IoT devices

Hackers use a variety of techniques when launching an attack against an IoT device. There are a variety of ways that vulnerabilities are introduced into an IoT device including lack of security controls, loopholes or backdoors in security measures, weak or exploitable security controls and hardware or software bugs.

► Security Solutions for IoT devices

Security must be built into the IoT device. Required security controls include secure boot, secure firmware updates, strong authentication, embedded firewalls, secure communication, data encryption and security monitoring & management.

► Why Sectigo is your trusted partner for IoT security

Sectigo is a leading provider of security for IoT devices, providing robust, mature solutions that are scalable across a wide variety of embedded hardware platforms