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Tech Document Sep 26, 2018

How to Install Certificates on Intel NetStructure 7110

This article will go into detail on how to install certificates on Intel NetStructure 7110.

When you receive the certificate, unzip it and import it into the 7110. Use the import cert command, with the KeyID. As with the import key, choose an import protocol for importing the key. Use p for paste. After the paste is finished, add three periods to display the command line.

You must import both the site certificate and the intermediate CA certificate. Both certificates must be chained together in a single file.

Use the import cert command to import the chained certificates. Paste the server's site certificate first, followed by the intermediate certificate. Follow the intermediate CA certificate by typing three periods on a new line.

Intel 7110> import cert webserver
keyid is webserver;
Import protocol: paste, xmodem, uudecode
[paste]: <Enter>
Type or paste in date, end with ... alone on line

…………..more text…………
…………..more text…………

Import successful!
Intel 7110>

Note : There must be no white space before, between, or after certificates, and the "Begin..." headers and "End..." trailers must all be included.

Create mapping for Server 1. Use the create map command to specify the server IP address, ports, and keyID.

Intel 7110> create map
Server IP (or
SSL (network) port [443]: <Enter>
Cleartext (server) port [80]: <Enter>
KeyID to use for mapping: webserver

Save the configuration when the server has been mapped.

Intel7110> config save
Saving configuration to flash...
Configuration saved to flash
Intel 7110>