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Tech Document Sep 25, 2018

How to Install Certificates on FileMaker Server 14 and Earlier

This article will go into detail on how to install certificates on FileMaker Server 14 and earlier.


  • FileMaker Server
  • 14.x
  • 13.x

Import the certificate into FileMaker Server

After the purchase, you will recieve an email from the CA containing your server certificate (matching your domain name) and additional intermediate certificates. Only the server certificate needs to be imported. The certificate should be in Base64 PEM format. Common extensions are .pem, .crt, or .cer.

To import the certificate:

  1. Run the import command via command prompt:
    • macOS: Open Terminal and run the command:
      fmsadmin certificate import <path to certificate>
    • Windows: Open Command Prompt (cmd) as an administrator and run the commands:
      cd "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server"
      fmsadmin certificate import <path to certificate>
  2. Go to the Admin Console (https://<ServerAddress>:16000/admin-console) > Database Server > Security
  3. Enable "Use SSL for database connections"
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the Admin Console window.
  5. Restart FileMaker Server

Multi-machine deployments: Run these commands on each machine in the deployment to import each matching certificate, then restart FileMaker Server on all machines.