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Blog Post Feb 21, 2020

How to Prevent Revenue Loss from the New One-Year Limit on SSL Term

Apple recently announced its upcoming distrust for two year SSL certificates.

Sectigo understands the benefits of and supports shorter certificate lifetimes. We also know that the currently imposed two-year limitation has already impacted our SSL certificate resellers by causing user friction, reducing Average Sales Prices (ASPs), and negatively affecting overall revenue. This new industry standard will further impact revenue for our partners.

Sectigo anticipated this change and has introduced solutions to help our partners maintain and even increase ASPs as well as retain the 30%+ annual revenue that is at risk due to shortened certificate lifetimes.

  • Sectigo Subscription SSL packages offer bundles of maximum-duration certificates, allowing customers to obtain continuous certificate coverage for up to five years. Since introducing Subscription SSL in 2019, Sectigo now renews multi-year certificate customers for their preferred duration of three-years or longer and it has resulted in a 37% revenue uplift!
  • Sectigo Web Security Platform expands security coverage beyond encryption and consolidates 8 web security features into a single vendor. This will result in reduced operating expenses, shortened time to market for new products, and frictionless upsell opportunities, allowing our partners to increase revenue per customer and increased overall revenue.
  • Certificate Automation | Sectigo has always been at the forefront of automating certificate provisioning, and our recently-updated AutoApplyOrder API not only enables the easy automation of frequent certificate renewals but adds the ability to request all of the above new products and solutions in one standard interface.

To learn more about implementing these new solutions or if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].