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Tech Document Sep 26, 2018

How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on Cisco Ironport C170

This article will go into detail on how to generate certificate signing request on Cisco Ironport C170.

Connect to Network/Certificates in Cluster mode and click on "Add Certificates".

Select "Create Self-Signed Certificate" and fill the fields indicated.

Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]: GB
State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]: Yorks
Locality Name (eg, city) []: York
Organization Name (eg, company) [Internet Widgits Pty Ltd]: MyCompany Ltd
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) []: IT
Common Name (eg, YOUR name) []:
Email Address []:

Click "Next"

Then click on "Download Certificate Signing Request...".

Make a local backup copy of the CSR, then validated the creation of a self-signed certificate by clicking on "Submit".

Your CSR will now have been created. Open the CSR in a text editor and copy and paste the contents into the online enrollment form when requested.