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Product Assets

Document Signing

Digital signature leverages PKI certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority, delivered via USB tokens containing the certificate to assure the signer’s identity. We support Adobe certificates issued either in the name of an individual (i.e., signed on behalf of the individual), or in the name of a company (i.e., signed on behalf of the company). An Adobe document signing certificate may also be used to sign Microsoft Office documents. Applying digital signatures to your Adobe PDF documents helps you comply with the most demanding regulatory requirements and provides you the greatest peace of mind.

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Collateral and Landing Page Assets

Collateral and Landing Page Assets

Below not only will you find collateral on Document Signing, but also the master file for the Document Signing landing page. Additionally, please follow the below link to view our Document Signing Landing Page

  1. Document Signing Collateral Download pdf
  2. Landing Page Download zip

Email Assets

Email Assets

Here you will find all the assets needed to promote Document Signing via email. Additionally, for reference, below are examples of what the Document Signing emails should look like when fully coded:

- Email to End Customers

- Announcement Email to Partners

  1. Document Signing Email Download jpeg
  2. Email Images Download jpeg
  3. Announcement Download html