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Are you still relying solely on Microsoft AD CS for your certificate management needs?

It's time to rethink that strategy. As enterprise landscapes evolve, so should your approach to security. Microsoft AD CS, while convenient within the Microsoft ecosystem, presents challenges in managing certificates across diverse platforms, devices, and applications. The manual overhead, limited integrations, and on-premises restrictions can hinder your organization's agility and expose you to security risks. It's time for a transformative solution.

Overcome the challenges of relying solely on Microsoft AD CS:

Automated certificate management

Say goodbye to time-consuming, spreadsheet-based tracking. Free up your admin's valuable time for strategic initiatives instead of mundane tasks.

Total visibility

Eliminate critical blind spots. Sectigo Certificate Manager provides comprehensive visibility beyond Windows servers, reducing the risk of unexpected outages.

Automate with ease

No more reactive scrambles to renew certificates. Embrace proactive lifecycle automation for diverse platforms, ensuring a seamless and secure certificate management process.

Compliance confidence

Bid farewell to compliance risks from poor reporting. With Sectigo, enjoy robust reporting capabilities that not only meet but exceed audit requirements, avoiding fines and safeguarding your reputation.

Enhanced integrations

Break free from the shackles of an inflexible ecosystem. Sectigo Certificate Manager enhances interoperability, allowing your business to thrive at optimal velocity.

Cloud-ready scalability

Don't let on-premises limitations hinder your growth. Sectigo's cloud scalability ensures agility, fostering innovation and paving the way for your organization's future success.

Revolutionizing certificate management

The tech ecosystem is evolving, and so should your certificate management solution. Whether it's iOS, Android, Linux, or open-source systems, Sectigo adapts seamlessly. Enjoy certificates tailored for every need, all managed from one universal hub.

Gain complete visibility, automation, and compliance—no more blind spots, no more manual hassle. It's time for a revolution in how you manage all certificates across your company!

Sectigo Certificate Manager unveiled

Introducing Sectigo Certificate Manager—your tool to hassle-free certificate management. See your entire certificate ecosystem from a single dashboard. Enjoy total visibility and control, ensuring that certificates work for you, not the other way around.

As an enterprise-grade certificate management platform, Certificate Manager offers:

of all certificates from any CA.
Centralized visibility
across public and private certificates
certificate lifecycle automation
monitoring and notifications
reporting and logs

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