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Frost & Sullivan TLS/SSL Award

Sectigo Earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan TLS/SSL Market

At Sectigo we aim to provide the best SSL/TLS products we can. This year Frost & Sullivan has recognized our efforts and has awarded us with the best practices award. Their latest market report details the current marketplace and provides you with valuable information to make a decision.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sectigo built an impressive certificate manager that gives organizations without large IT teams the capability to administer TLS and PKI certificates for devices, users, and applications. With a single pane of glass interface, users gain robust and straightforward abilities to administer code signing, document signing, S/MIME email certificates, mobile and IoT device certificate management, DevOps security, and passwordless VPN/Wi-Fi/web application access."

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Strategy Innovation and Customer Impact of Sectigo

Key Insights From the Report

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, Sectigo has grown over the years to include diversified PKI-based technologies. Issuing more than 100 million certificates in more than 200 countries, Sectigo continues to make strategic investments to expand its reach, capabilities, and portfolio.

Highlights From the Report

  • Press Release

    Read Frost & Sullivan’s announcement honoring Sectigo with the 2020 Global Competitive Strategy Leadership Award.

  • Blog

    Understand why Frost has recognized Sectigo’s advancements in certificate discovery, automation, and more.

  • Award-winning Platform

    Trial Sectigo Certificate Manager free for 30-days to discover, automate and manage all your SSL certificates

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Complete our PKI risk assessment questionnaire to find out which PKI use cases apply to your business, and how Sectigo can keep you secure. It only takes a few minutes and you will receive a report of your exposure to important security risks upon completion.

The Evolution of Digital Certificates in the Modern Enterprise

Digital certificates are in use everywhere for a variety of use-cases within the modern enterprise. In today's enterprise environment, SSL / TLS certificates are used to secure more than just web servers. New architectures and business processes require identity-based authentication, digital signatures, and encryption that can only be provided by digital certificates. View this video on the evolution of digital certificates in the modern enterprise to learn more.

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What Sets Us Apart

Sectigo by the Numbers

Sectigo is the market leader in SSL / TLS certificates, DevOps, IoT, enterprise-grade PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) management, and multi-layered web security.


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