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Microsoft Certificate Authority

Microsoft CA, or Microsoft Certificate Authority, is a key component of Microsoft's security infrastructure for managing digital certificates. Sectigo has integrated seamlessly with Microsoft CA to simplify certificate management and enhance security to elevate your organization's security and certificate management.

This integration effectively bridges the gaps from a traditional Microsoft's Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), offering a comprehensive solution that ensures the efficient management of certificates. With Sectigo's CA-Agnostic feature and its CA connectors, you can confidently oversee its private certificates, eliminating the risk of unexpected expirations and costly service disruptions, whether the certificates are associated with IoT devices, mobile apps, web servers, or DevOps in a multi-vendor environment.

Utilize certificates from your on-premise CA for cloud-based applications without the need to expose additional resources to the public internet with Sectigo's integration. As a result, you can securely obtain certificates for AD CS, AWS, or GCP without compromising your internal environment's security, streamlining your operations and bolstering overall cybersecurity.

Elevate your certificate management capabilities today and fortify your organization's digital resilience.

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