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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) automatically enrolls and manages the full life cycle of certificates using ACME protocol and then connects these certificates to AWS. Approved certificates are issued and imported to the AWS certificate manager (ACM), enabling secure communication with AWS, load balancers, CloudFront, or other AWS services over HTTPS.

Sectigo Connector for AWS ("the connector") is an AWS serverless solution created using a Lambda function that provides a secure automation layer for enrolling Sectigo SSL/TLS certificates using the ACME protocol and importing the Sectigo certificates into the ACM. The Connector enables the automated issuance and deployment of certificates to AWS load balancers. It also supports Amazon’s CloudFront Content Delivery Network solution, a key platform for scaling web applications.

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) has a broader role, enrolling, provisioning, and managing the lifecycle of all public and private certificates throughout the enterprise. OV or EV certificates can be issued by SCM, providing higher levels of validation and improving the overall security of the IT infrastructure.

By including Sectigo AWS Connector in the cloud environment, enterprises gain increased management and control of certificate workflows. This enables an enterprise to include AWS certificates when setting policies, monitoring certificate lifecycles in real-time, and implementing notification strategies.

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