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You cannot manage what you cannot see.

Digital certificates are everywhere. These small but powerful pieces of technology, are the gold standard for establishing a strong foundation of digital trust.

However, as their use continues to rapidly grow, IT teams face a management challenge. The first step to robust certificate lifecycle management is discovery. Organizations that fail to discover every digital certificate deployed across the IT ecosystem risk falling foul of some of the most common risks.

Did you know?

97% of organizations state that a lack of visibility across all digital certificates used within an IT ecosystem poses a significant risk¹.

  • Outages - 31% of enterprises have experienced outages due to expired, stolen, or revoked certificates².
  • Loss of productivity - Nearly half (47%) of organizations resort to spreadsheets, scripts, or basic tools for digital certificate management³.
  • Data breaches - Sectigo research indicates that 77% of enterprises struggle with successfully renewing digital certificates

1,2,3,4 Managing Digital Identities: Tools & Tactics, Priorities & Threats, Sectigo Research, Conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), 2021

Comprehensive Visibility is the Key

Organizations that rely on manual discovery and monitoring of certificates, will struggle to maintain digital trust as the world transitions to shorter certificate lifespans.

The time to enable enhanced certificate discovery is now.

Unparallelled Discovery

Sectigo Certificate Manager delivers comprehensive certificate discovery even in the most complex IT environments. With SCM, IT teams can automatically identify, import, and audit all digital certificates, regardless of the issuing Certificate Authority. SCM's enhanced discovery feature delivers actionable certificate data, reducing maintenance time and offering complete control over your digital certificate inventory, ultimately reducing risk and enhancing agility.

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  • Advanced, continuous certificate discovery
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  • Agile, scalable, 90-day ready CLM platform