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SSL/TLS Certificates

Purchase Industry-Leading SSL (TLS) Certificates From the World's Most Chosen Commercial Certificate Authority (CA)

SSL Certificate Options

A Digital Certificate for Every Need

Create a secure connection and authenticate the identity of a website with one of the following certificate types from Sectigo.

  • Extended Validation SSL

    Increase your end user’s confidence and transaction rates by showing your true identity online. An EV SSL certificate provides the highest trust level and is the industry standard for business and eCommerce websites. This validation level will enable your company name to be added to the browser interface in a branded address bar.

  • Organization Validation SSL

    Validate your organization’s digital identity and secure sensitive customer data. OV SSL certificates will authenticate your organization’s connections, enable encryption, and turn on web browser trust indicators.

  • Domain Validation SSL

    The fastest and easiest certificate type for enabling encryption and removing security warnings for your site. DV SSL certificates are a reliable way to add industry-standard encryption to websites.

  • Wildcard SSL

    Secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains under a single certificate. Wildcard certificates are the most convenient way to provide SSL protection and encryption for a domain and its subdomains.

  • Multi-Domain SSL

    Secure up to 100 domain names with a single certificate. Multi-domain SSL Certificates (sometimes referred to as SAN/UCC certificates) enable a single certificate to secure multiple domain names, including their subdomains.

  • Single Certificates

    Secure your individual domain with a Sectigo Single SSL certificate. Single SSL Domain certificates are available in Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, and Extended Validation options. Includes a Trust Logo real-time assurance seal.

About Our SSL Certificates

Secure Your Website with Sectigo

Sectigo offers the complete range of available TLS certificates for your business. With more than 100 million certificates issued and the widest selection of options for any sized website, Sectigo is the best choice for your SSL needs. To learn more our certificates, check out our associated resources at the bottom of the page.

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Product Benefits

Increase Site Transaction Rates

To further improve transaction rates, consider adding additional security indicators such as your company brand name to the address bar by installing Extended Validation (EV) certificates on your sites. Research shows that visitors who see the company-branded EV address bar are more likely to complete transactions including purchases, sharing personal information, and signing up for new services. They are also more inclined to associate positive qualities like high levels of customer service, stability, and trustworthiness with companies displaying the branded address bar.

Eliminate Web Browser Security Warnings

Google Chrome and Firefox both require that all web pages be encrypted by SSL regardless of whether or not transactions take place on them or the type of content they serve. Any page not under https will automatically receive a “Not secure” warning at the top of the browser interface. The only way to prevent these warnings is for all pages in your site to be protected by SSL.

Improve SEO Ranking

Popular search engines improve the search rankings of SSL-enabled pages algorithmically. That makes it an easy and inexpensive way to improve SEO performance.

Maintain Compliance

Many important regulatory and industry standards require that online businesses protect personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. Failure to do so can result in fines, loss of privileges, and other non-compliance penalties.

Strongest Available Encryption

All Sectigo TLS certificates enable 256-bit encryption, the strongest encryption available for web connections.

Compare Sectigo SSL certificates and pair your subscription with the level of protection needed from our proprietary Web Security Platform


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An SSL certificate provides a way to authenticate the identity and secure connections for a website. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) security protocol enables encrypted communications between two machines, and an SSL certificate is a small data file leveraging this security protocol to complete the following functions:

  1. Authentication – SSL certificates serve as credentials to authenticate the identity of a website. The validation level depends on the type of certificate purchased.

  2. Secure data communication – When installed on a web server, an SSL activates the HTTPS protocol and creates a secure connection between the server and a browser. The padlock icon will also appear in the web browser.

Certificate issuance from a trusted CA, like Sectigo, will be recognized by browsers as legitimate and will enable the security indicators in the browser.

The type of domain or domains you’re trying to secure will determine if you need an EV, OV, or DV certificate.

Domain Validation SSL Certificates
DVs provide the fastest and cheapest way to secure a website. The validation process includes only one step, which is showing proof of domain name ownership. The simple process means this type of SSL certificate can be issued in minutes. This type works best for domains that don’t need to establish site visitor trust. DV certificates work well for internal sites, test servers, and test domains.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates
This type of certificate provides the same level of protection as a DV certificate but shows that the individual or organization has been validated by a CA. To obtain an OV certificate, proof of domain ownership must be provided and a CA must confirm the legitimacy of the business or organization associated with the domain. Company name, address, and other details must be confirmed before issuance is completed. An OV SSL works for public-facing websites but is not recommended for those requesting sensitive information.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates
EV certificates provide the highest level of trust due to the strict validation process that must be completed before issuance. Once company details are confirmed, a human specialist will perform the last steps in the vetting process. This is the preferred SSL type for websites that request personal information and is the industry standard for eCommerce websites.

Once you’ve chosen the type of certificate you need, the online purchase process here at Sectigo is simple. Add your certificate to the cart and create a new account or login to your existing account. From there, you’ll be able to complete the purchase process and we will provide you with detailed next steps on issuance depending on the level of validation selected. This will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after all required documents are received, depending on the type.

An SSL certificate issued from Sectigo, a leading Certificate Authority, starts at $99 for a one year single domain DV SSL. Costs vary from there, depending on the validation level, how many domains are being secured, and the subscription plan chosen.