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Blog Post Jul 23, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Patrick Harris

As a Regional Sales Manager, Patrick Harris prides himself on being a reliable and trusted resource for Sectigo’s customers. Patrick kicked off his career with Sectigo in September 2014 as an Account Manager on the Inside Sales team, and since that time, his role with the company has grown significantly. He is now a Regional Account manager for the Large Enterprise Team overseeing the East Coast area.

From day one, Patrick has shown his promise and commitment to Sectigo, continuously exemplifying the company’s values in his work, while introducing customers to world-class digital identity solutions tailored to their business. He and his team are continuously brainstorming ways to improve the Sectigo customer experience. By keeping a close eye on industry trends and actively listening to customers’ needs, the sales department at Sectigo is at the forefront of innovation discussions.

“Providing a SaaS PKI Solution often leads to complex use cases,” Patrick explains. “It is our job to understand what pain points our customers have and bring in our in-house experts to help confront and resolve these pain points as a team, together.”

Maintaining Relationships Is as Important as Building Them

In 2018, Sectigo underwent a rebrand that left some customers with questions about company and product direction, and Patrick and his team played a major role in addressing those questions. Leading up to, and during the rebrand, the sales team—who also serve as account managers—worked to familiarize customers with solution advancements underway and convey the company’s commitment to transparency and service.

“The company’s transition to Sectigo was a long time coming,” says Patrick. “Part of my job was making sure the rebrand was communicated thoroughly to existing customers and there were no questions left unanswered. Since our legacy relationships were built on trust, it wasn’t a hard task to maintain our customers’ confidence that the new Sectigo brand was still right, if not better, for them.”

For Sectigo, internal and external trust go hand in hand. Strong relationships with customers are vital to all businesses, but perhaps none more so than cybersecurity. Through fostering mutual trust, the Sectigo sales team continues to grow relationships with long-time customers, even as they develop new ones. But connections between customers and vendors are not the only important relationships. Sectigo places a high value on inter-departmental cooperation, fostering the relationships between internal teams and team members.

Projecting Sectigo’s Internal Culture Outward

Sectigo has worked to foster a sense of responsibility amongst its employees, and the result is a workforce that believes strongly in doing what’s best for each other, the company, the industry, and especially Sectigo’s customers. The company has a “startup-like energy,” and an open-door policy for managers, and even many executives, has helped cultivate the trusting (and trusted) culture that the company has worked hard to achieve.

“Trust is a huge part of what we do at Sectigo,” says Patrick. “It is woven into every facet of our business, from product design and development to how our sales team connects with customers. The concept of trust is not just something were selling. We trust each other, our coworkers, managers, partners; the list goes on. We couldn’t expect customers, both existing and potential, to trust us if it wasn’t fostered from within.”