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Blog Post Apr 28, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Mark DaSilva

Fresh off a rebrand in 2018, Sectigo burst onto the technology scene in Canada with decades of experience and significant year-over-year growth in its channel and partner business.

It didn’t take long to create opportunities for experts like Mark DaSilva, Manager of Retail Sales, to join the fold: when a former colleague told Mark about Sectigo’s remarkable growth, culture, and experience in the industry, he leapt at the opportunity to join the company’s sales team in Ottawa.

“The company was growing, the timing was right, and he just told me it seems like a mature company that was having a lot of growth,” he says. “I’ve only known the company as Sectigo—I was part of the first round of salespeople hired for the retail sales team in the Ottawa office—and it’s been constantly evolving since we started.”

Mark is one of the hundreds of Sectigo employees enthusiastic about the direction the company is headed. While Sectigo is best known for its status the leading commercial Certificate Authorities (CAs) in the world, the company is expanding its line of products to serve the needs of its clients better. IoT and automation represent significant growth areas for Sectigo, and Mark and his team are preparing to focus their efforts on additional web security and IoT identity products in the cybersecurity space. In addition, Mark and his team have been preparing for the launch of Sectigo’s additional web security products in the first quarter of 2020, to further position Sectigo as the one stop shop cybersecurity company over the next decade.

“Whether it is online banking, or making online purchases, or travel, Sectigo certificates are involved in protecting things that people use all the time”
Mark DaSilva | Manager of Retail Sales

Sectigo Can be Found in Countless Industries

Sectigo’s wide range of technology solutions—including its experience in IoT device management, website management, and security software—means that the company has an outsized presence in everyday life beyond what many may realize.

“A lot of people would be surprised at what we do, and how many aspects of their lives we are actually involved in,” Mark says. “Whether it is online banking, or making online purchases, or travel, our certificates are involved in [protecting] things that people use all the time. And many people don’t even realize that.”

Mark is referring to the more than 100 million SSL certificates issued by Sectigo, cementing the company as the market leader in the industry. Despite the fact that the name “Sectigo” is still relatively new, the company brings over 20 years of digital identity validation experience to the table. Mark and his colleagues are confident that as Sectigo’s market presence grows, more and more customers will recognize the value added by that considerable legacy.

Building the Ideal Team Should be Fun

Sectigo is a very open place to work, and Mark recommends that anyone looking to join the growing company’s sales team know how to laugh and have fun. “We work closely together, we have a high-energy environment, and everybody’s constantly talking between calls,” he says. The camaraderie on the sales floor isn’t just social—it provides the team with opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.

The team tackles new and unexpected challenges every day, and candidates who can shrug off setbacks, address the issue at hand, and laugh about it later will fit right in at Sectigo. Mark also notes that people with strong interpersonal skills will do well in his department because they often lean on each other for support.

“We take the time to understand specific issues since every situation is unique,” he explains. “We are fortunate that we have our top-tier support team right here in our building. When we are stuck, we can go over to them and say, ‘can you help us better understand this issue so we can help our customer?’”

Although Sectigo is constantly changing as the company strives to provide the best possible solutions for its customers, the collaborative and encouraging culture is constant. Whether in Ottawa, Canada, or the headquarters in Roseland, New Jersey, Sectigo is committed to “integrity and fairness,” giving Mark and every other team member the opportunity to be inventive, synergetic, and proud to say, “We Are Sectigo.”