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Blog Post Aug 27, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Ashwadeep Vaishnav

Ashwadeep (Ash) Vaishnav begins each day with the same goal in mind: to make sure Sectigo customers are happy.

As a On-Boarding Support Engineer, Ash is currently designing the process for a product for Sectigo Web Security Platform and helping partners with integration.

Ash is instrumental to Sectigo’s business, helping customers resolve any issues they may be experiencing. Ash first joined the Sectigo team in 2018, at which time he primarily helped with service reports which eventually was discussed into Executive meetings with Sectigo’s CEO, Bill Holtz. His role has grown since then, and he has moved into his current customer-facing position as an essential member of the support team.

No two days are exactly alike for Ash, who is based in Sectigo’s new Ottawa office. Over the course of a typical day, he interfaces directly with customers, works to enhance Sectigo’s PKI solutions, manages customer escalation tickets, and much more. Ash views nothing as a roadblock, instead treating every individual case like a speedbump, helping customers maneuver around the obstacle to come out the other side unscathed.

In Customer Service, Listening Is Key

As a self-described introvert, Ash prides himself on being a good listener; an asset in a customer service role, and a skill that is clearly appreciated by Sectigo customers. He has been described by customers as being “calm and very knowledgeable.” One customer in the healthcare industry described Ash as “a professional and knowledgeable engineer.” She went on to describe the way he took her through a series of steps to get employees back online. “In the healthcare industry, lives depend on our day-to-day activities as IT professionals. Ash was instrumental in getting a group of users back online by filling in critical details of an OpenSSL certificate generation procedure for me.”

“Being able to help people puts a smile on my face every day,” says Ash. “At Sectigo, I am often challenged. Facing issues head-on and using my problem solving skills is something I love—and the best part is knowing that I’ve made a customer’s day better.”

A Multifaceted Approach to Both Work and Life

Prior to his promotion in August 2020, Ash managed 21 main enterprise accounts spanning thousands of domains, but recent advances in automation freed him to focus on other projects that required his attention, as well.

Prior to widespread adoption of automation, certificate management, including, issuance, renewal, replacement, and revocation required manual attention and could be cumbersome and error-prone for customers.

“There is never a dull moment in the cybersecurity industry,” says Ash. “Having automation in place is not only helpful for my job but also a safeguard for customers. Automation is essential for certificate deployment, discovery, and replacement—especially today, as an IT professional is expected to wear multiple hats.”

Wearing multiple hats describes Ash’s current role with Sectigo perfectly, and it extends to his personal life, as well. Outside of Sectigo, Ash can be found working out, playing (and streaming) video games, and teaching himself how to cook. It’s this multifaceted approach to both work and life that makes Ash a perfect representative of Sectigo’s company culture.

Sectigo prides itself on its tight-knit culture, facilitated by an open-door policy that allows employees like Ash to flourish, find their voices, and advance along their chosen career paths. The company's supportive culture of has given Ash the confidence to continually face dilemmas at every level. He provides support for his colleagues whenever possible, embracing the teamwork-focused approach that Sectigo strives to embody.