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Blog Post Dec 15, 2020

We Are Sectigo | Alex Peña

When he’s not tearing up the road on his Harley, Alex Peña, Sectigo’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, is hard at work bringing Sectigo Web Security Platform to life. Alex joined the Sectigo team a little over a year ago to help with the ideation, development, and launch of Sectigo Web, and although the platform went to market in February 2020, Alex’s work with Sectigo Web is far from over.

Continuous Support Is Part of the Job

Since its launch, Sectigo Web has been recognized by CSO, CRN, eWeek, and other publications as a unique security product that provides comprehensive “set it and forget it” website protection. Behind this momentum sits Alex and his team, pushing towards internal sales goals while assisting and educating Sectigo partners.

“Part of my role at Sectigo is thinking about our partners, as well as direct customers,” says Alex. “We really want to empower users with access to all the educational resources needed for protection and online business success. Creating videos and training tools has been fruitful for education and proven to be valuable—allowing them to learn at their own pace.”

Alex is the first person to hold a product marketing-specific position at Sectigo, despite not having a traditional background in the role. He entered the workforce with an Industrial Engineering degree, and worked in that field for some time before starting on the marketing path. In short time, Alex has grown into a seasoned marketing professional with a unique approach to problem solving that sets him apart.

Battle of the Brains: Right vs. Left

Early in his career, Alex recognized his talent for thinking with his “left and right brains,” which is to say he was known for being both creative and analytical. His multi-faceted way of thinking has led him to great success within B2B marketing. He found that, traditionally, B2B marketing can be non-engaging. Using his creative side, Alex strives to make B2B more engaging and more like the direct-to-consumer marketing.

Additionally, Alex brings a diverse perspective to the Sectigo team, having worked on Latin America-specific marketing teams. With a Hispanic heritage and fluent language skills in both Spanish and English, he is a firm believer in cultural nuance and recognizes the importance of truly understanding people, including what motivates and resonates with each individual. Alex uses his mastery of both sides of his brain, along with his market insights, to ensure that Sectigo’s customers and partners are well served—and that the impact and value of Sectigo’s products are realized.

Excitement About a More Secure Future

Prior to joining Sectigo, Alex worked in the cybersecurity space and was familiar with Sectigo—or so he thought. Like others, he once believed that all Sectigo did was sell SSL certificates. After starting in his PM role, Alex quickly realized that Sectigo offers more than SSL: the company provides trust.

“Sectigo enables people to trust conducting business online, similar to how people secure their homes using locks, cameras, and alarm systems. We make it safe to open digital doors and then hold a conversation,” said Alex.

This big-picture perspective gives Alex a sense of excitement about the future of Sectigo. He points out that the company is always working to be ahead of trends, focusing on where the industry is headed. This spirit of innovation gives Alex confidence about the company as a whole and his specific role within it. This year has produced many hurdles, but no matter what comes his way in 2021, Alex knows that he and his team are ready for the challenges ahead.