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Blog Post Oct 31, 2019

One Year In, Sectigo Stands Tall

As Sectigo turns one, the company stands proud of its innovations, growth, thought leadership, transparency, and commitment to customer success. From our unprecedented 35 percent first-quarter growth to the release of our Zero-Touch Deployment S/MIME solution, it has been an eventful debut for Sectigo.

Throughout 2019 we saw an impressive increase in the use of our Certificate Manager platform by Fortune 1000 companies. Sectigo Private PKI, our PKI solution that automatically issues and manages private certificates for all non-Microsoft devices within an enterprise, is helping enterprises secure their PKI deployments across mobile devices, web servers, IoT, DevOps, S/MIME, VPN access, network devices, and more. In addition, in September, we released industry-first PKI DevOps integrations with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, and HashiCorp Vault, greatly helping IT teams follow accepted security practices, meet compliance and auditability requirements, and gain crypto agility.

We have also made impressive strides advancing IoT security. In May, we finalized our acquisition of Icon Labs, adding cross-platform security solutions for embedded OEMs and IoT devices to our solution portfolio. Our expanded IoT Identity Platform is now capable of providing purpose-built IoT issuance and management from a trusted third-party CA across industries and product platforms. Our ability to secure every device, from the point of manufacture and throughout the entire device lifecycle, has already earned multiple awards and recognition from industry consortiums and analysts.

Equally important to innovation has been our dedication to making the internet more safe and secure for consumers and businesses. This year we announced our sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt, which enabled the nonprofit organization to operate a new certificate transparency (CT) log for at least the next year, helping to expand the number of CT logs available to all CAs. Our commitment to advancing the industry is also exemplified by our sponsorship of EFF’s Certbot, an open-source software tool created to build a more structurally private and safe internet, better protected from censorship. We are proud to be in a position to support these dedicated efforts to make the web a more secure place.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to not point out our commitment to market education, highlighted by the launch of Root Causes PKI Podcast. Hosted by our CTO of IoT, Jason Soroko, and Senior Fellow, Tim Callan, the podcast has recorded nearly 50 episodes, covering everything from quantum computing and shadow IT to energy grid regulation and the value of automation. These podcasts, as well as a growing library of white papers and webinars, are easily accessed from our website Resources section.

By looking to the future with new innovations and an eye on automation, we have solidified Sectigo’s reputation as a forward-looking leader in the industry. With the new year just around the corner, I am excited to build on these successes as we lay the groundwork for an even greater 2020.

Bill Holtz, CEO of Sectigo