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Secure DevOps Containers & Code

Simplify Your DevOps Journey With PKI Solutions From Sectigo

The Best Way to Ensure Security, Digital Identities, and Compliance of Containers and Code

PKI certificates (Public Key Infrastructure) offer the best way for engineering teams to ensure the security, identity, and compliance of containers and the code within them. Sectigo Certificate Manager is built to scale and manage the large volumes of PKI certificates used in DevOps environments. With Sectigo, you benefit from the simplicity, speed of deployment, cost, warranty, and support of a single digital certificate provider. And with no certificate volume cap or rate limits, your system keeps running even when you need to renew a large number of container certificates frequently.

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Key Use Cases of PKI for DevOps

Container Certificate Management

With Sectigo PKI for DevOps, you can automatically provision public and private SSL certificates to ensure the identity and integrity of DevOps containers, the code that they run and the production applications that use them. Sectigo Certificate Manager can interoperate with DevOps tools and environments through its RESTful API and the industry-standard ACME (Automation Certificate Management Environment). This type of DevOps security and automation can ease the burden of certificate management.

Code Signing for Applications and Software

You can take advantage of Sectigo Code Signing to digitally sign applications and software programs, verifying file sources and ensuring that their code has not been altered in any way. From drivers and firmware to scripts and applications, there are many file types that need code signing to show they’re free of malevolent alteration.

Seamless Integration With the Leading DevOps Tools

We have direct integrations with all leading containerization and automation tools environments, including Docker, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, and Jenkins. We also include mechanisms to incorporate PKI into the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, container orchestration frameworks, such as Kubernetes, and third-party key vaults.

Seamless Deployment Into any Enterprise Environment

PKI for DevOps provides certificate issuance and discovery of certificates at scale to meet the needs of the high volume and shorter certificate lifecycles required for DevOps. With a reliable PKI infrastructure, your DevOps team can avoid outages and other interruptions or issues.

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