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Webinar: Q1 2024 Pulse

Join us for our quarterly Sectigo Pulse webinar, where we cover the latest product and compliance news and how these events might impact you and your business.

We’ll give an update on some of the industry’s hottest topics, like 90-day TLS certificates, the latest on the S/MIME changes and what to expect for post-quantum cryptography in 2024.

Our topics for this quarter’s Pulse:

  • CAA for S/MIME and the deprecation of the legacy S/MIME profile
  • The shortening lifespans of certificates
  • An update on post quantum cryptography and what onramp is
  • An update on 90-day SSL
  • Updates about Multi-perspective Issuance Corroboration (MPIC)
  • The latest from the CA/B Forum

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